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Once a Scumbag, Always a Scumbag

Well I didn’t expect to be having such a great morning when I first woke up.  First off I had to work, and secondly the beers I had last night were apparently disagreeing with my brain.  But I made it here, fired up the Kuerig, turned on the Pandora and all seemed to be coming together.  Then I saw it.  Something that made me smile ear to ear.  The scumbag that is Matthew Barnaby got arrested last night for an apparent domestic dispute, criminal trespassing, criminal mischief, harassment, criminal contempt, and aggravated harassment.  Now you may be asking yourself, “But Dan why would you be so happy at the misfortune of others?”

definition of "shit eating grin"

Let me elaborate.

My whole life watching hockey there were two people I hated most in the world.  One was Scott Stevens who ended Eric Lindros’ career (as well as a few others) and the other was Matthew Barnaby.  This is a “player” who used to routinely fake being injured and have the trainers come onto the ice; just to wait for everyone to let their guard down so he could start cheap shotting his opponent.  Don’t believe me?

Exhibit A (Listen to Jim Jackson call it)

God I hated him.  Recently he has been featured on ESPN as one of the hockey analysts, and thus taking away from my favorite correspondent Barry Melrose.  Its like everyone forgot that he was a glorified goon and a major part of what was wrong with hockey back in the 90’s/2000’s.  He put on the nice suit, got his teeth fixed, gelled the hair, and generally seemed like a productive member of society.  But this latest incident just goes to show you can’t shine a turd.

Just look at that handsome bastard

So while hoping for the misfortune of others is a bad thing, its almost justifiable with this douche.  AND IF I FIND OUT THAT YOU HIT BEADLE I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN BARNABY!

Im here for you Michelle

Right about now Michelle Beadle must really feel like she has been roofied.  Its ok Michelle, I will comfort you and give you a shoulder to cry on.

One response to “Once a Scumbag, Always a Scumbag

  1. daftpuck May 14, 2011 at 4:14 PM

    This dude was abum his whole career (minus the 13 games he played for my beloved Avs when he was refered to as an effective aggitator). Whatever keeps him off ESPN is great. They should bring in Paul Bissonette from the ‘yotes. Dude is a straight riot on twitter biznasty20 or 2.0 i forget look him up.

    Also no one lays a finger on my Beadlefinger!

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