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Dear Ruben: Work your mind control and trade for this guy

You dropped a bomb on me....baby

I know I know, its never going to happen but I cant help but fantasize about Jose Bautista dropping 450 footers into Harry the K’s in the upper deck at CBP.  I mean if Ruben could steal Cliff Lee away from the Yankees and Roy Halladay away from the Blue Jays, whose to say he couldn’t pull another trick out of his sleeve.  Bautista did just sign a 5 year 65 million dollar extension in the off season.  But lets face it, the fucking Blue Jays suck.  Come on Jose, we would LOVE to have you in Philly.  We are sooooo tired of watching Raul flail and Ben Francisco fly out to center.  Just consider it.  I mean just looking at this page gets me almost uncomfortably excited.

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