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Phillies Preview 5/25

"I breathe fire bitches"

Yes I know, I know, we have been draggin some serious ass on the posts as of late.  But you know what Internet? We have jobs! Were up every morning at 7am riding that stationary bike getting ready to do big things!  Well either that, or we are lazy (i’m betting on the latter).  I will be in attendance for Phils/Reds game this evening.  Big Roy will take the mound against Cincy for the first time since this happened (which I was also in attendance for) last year.  Now i’m not expecting a No-Hitter but I am expecting Doc to be his dominant self once again.  He matches up against Travis Wood who last time out against the Phils at CBP had a perfecto going until the boys in red pinstripes stormed back for the W.  Travis isn’t having as good as a year as many expected with that 5.17 ERA he is rockin.  He was probably pumped that he would have a chance to face the likes of Ben Francisco and Dane Sardhina tonight but not so fast my friend, we got the golden boy, Domonic, and the chosen one, Chase, back in the lineup for the third game.  It’s kind of crazy that it’s almost June and the Phillies have yet to field the team that they expected at the beginning of spring training.  But that’s baseball.  Lets hope this game will be better than Sundays performance where I damn near fell asleep.


Chase isn’t starting…..thanks a lot Charlie

Keys to the Game

-Hit the ball

-Get out of Doc’s way

This will probably be my last post for a while since I will be going to See Phish 5 times in 6 days, with the only off day being my birthday (im sorry liver).  So I will leave you with this, which I am calling as Tour Opener.

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