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The Daily Drive – 5/25/2011

The Daily Drive is a daily (duh) post of all the prominent things going on in the sports world we didn’t cover, and anything else we might want to share with you. We got so caught up in the Rapture that we forgot all about this website. I still can’t find any of my pants. 

Well it’s been some time, so let’s start things off to get you back in your good graces. Michelle Hunziker, Swiss model, took a swim.(via)

-The Vancouver Canucks are going to the Stanley Cup Final for the first time since 1994. Last night they beat the San Jose Sharks in double overtime in quite the dramatic fashion. First, they tied the game with 13 seconds left in the 3rd period. What followed in overtime was definitely wacky, and the kind of thing that would only happen to me in NHL’11.

If anything that clip just drives home the point that any of us could call games on TV.

-Huge win last night for the hottest team in the NL East: The Florida Marlins. After a sexy showing by Ricky No-No against the defending World Series Champions the Philadelphia Phillies San Francisco Giants, the Fish are game behind the Phils, who lost last night to the, checks math, yup, Cincinnati Reds.

-Good news though Phillies fans: Jose Contreras is back! I know, I thought he had been kidnapped and held ransom by some South American drug gang too. Roy Halladay takes the mound tonight.

NY Mets issues, Heat one step closer to becoming the Anti-Christ, and Tom Brady’s flailing hands, after the jump.

-By now we’ve all read the comments that Fred Wilpon made about the New York Mets. The strange thing is as much as they stung, they were pretty accurate. Meanwhile, the players held a team meeting to address the issues. Nobody bothered to tell David Wright though, and he was left to play with his Tonka trucks in the backyard.

-That other team in NY won.

-The Miami Heat beat the Chicago Bulls last night in OT to take a 3-1 lead in their Eastern Conference Finals series. With that win, the Heat move one step closer to becoming America’s No.1 enemy.

-The NFL has noticed the decline of interest from the fans in recent months since the lockout. Yet, they don’t care. Heartless, rich bastards.

-By now I’m sure many of you have seen the picture of Tom Brady acting like a girl on the water slide. I’m to lazy to post it here, but I did find a great collection of memes featuring his picture. For all you non-nerds out there, a meme is internet speak for “a running photoshop joke”, or why I procrastinate.

-You guys didn’t think I was done with the Mets, did you? Here’s a look at some of their more unsavory moments from the past 5 years.

-It’s win-or-die night in both the NBA and NHL, as the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Tampa Bay Lightning look to stave off elimination. (OKC 89, DAL 87) (TB 4, BOS 3, OT)

-Finally, because we really are sorry about the lack of posts lately, it’s Bar Refaeli in a bikini, again. I know your sad, no reason to cry… oh those tissues are for something else. Carry on.(via)

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