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The Daily Drive 5/26/2011

The Daily Drive is a daily (duh) post of all the prominent things going on in the sports world we didn’t cover, and anything else we might want to share with you. Your satisfaction is our guarantee*. (*not an actual guarantee.)

-Starting things off with a crazy night in Philadelphia. The Phillies went 19 deep with the Reds, coming out victorious after a Raul Ibanez sac fly scored Jimmy Rollins. The real story though is the tale of two pitchers: Wilson Valdez the infielder pitching the 19th (and earning the win) for his beleaguered bullpen, and before him Danny Baez pitching 5 innings of 1-hit baseball like the GM of the Reds had his wife at gunpoint. Goddammit, I hate the Phillies.

-They weren’t the only team going extra last night as the Fish played 12 with the Defending World Series Champion San Francisco Giants and managed to win the mid-week series against the Defending World Series Champion San Francisco Giants. Seriously, how did the Phillies lose to this team last year? The real story though was Giants catcher Buster Posey getting his leg broke by backup fielder Scott Cousins. Now Bruce Bochy, the Giants manager, is asking for a rule change.

Oh no, what’s that I hear? It’s a JAuger rant, making it’s way around the station.

Here’s the fucking deal Bruce. You cannot sit there and say it’s a part of the game and then a half second later say that you think Major League Baseball should be contemplating a rule change. For years and years and years (and years?) catchers have been getting run over by baserunners. It’s one of those reasons most catchers look like NHL goalies, circa 1975. (That and the high cheese.) This is baseball not softball. Posey weighs 220 lbs, while Cousins couldn’t hit 200 soaking wet. I am by any means not a traditionalist but enough with proposing a rule change every time there is an outcome unfavorable to your team. If that’s Cody Ross sliding into John Buck’s femur, I bet you all we hear from Bruce Bochy is the routine “that’s a baseball play.” Get your head out of your ass Bruce and wake up. As a former Major League catcher you should know the inherent risk that comes with playing the position. If Posey didn’t want to get hurt he should of been a musician. Dude’s expecting twins with his wife later in the year, and now thanks to Scott he can finally paint that baby room. Hell, he’s got all summer. ::Grabs wet towel, lights cigarette::

Sasha Jackson, Yankees Suck T-shirt, and Chris Pronger speaks, after the jump.

-As I  correctly predicted, the Tampa Bay Lightning forced a Game 7 by beating the Bruins last night. As I wrongly predicted, the Dallas Mavericks are your Western Conference Champions and headed to the Finals, in what should be a rematch of  ’06.

-NEW YORK YANKEES DUMP: Andruw Jones blasts a pair, and Mo makes his 1,000th appearance. Players the Yankees should trade for this year. Rafael Soriano out at least a month. Six burning questions for the Yanks.

-Sasha Jackson was at the beach, and if you’re anything like me, you don’t care what she does for a living. (via)

-A Tampa Bay Rays fan supporter acquaintance was kicked out of Tropicana Field last night for wearing a “Yankees Suck” T-shirt. I had a buddy who wore a “Red Sox Suck” shirt to a class taught by a Boston fan in ’03 after the Yankees beat the Sox in game 7. Best detention he ever got he said. I know, good story right?

-A man died today from injuries sustained during a game at Coors Field on Monday. Robert Seamans was 27, and his parent’s had a great sense of humor. Bob Seamans… come on it’s a humor blog.

-Mike Brown went from the basement to the attic (??) by becoming the new coach of the Lakers.

-The NY Mets are about to sell a 200 million dollar stake in the team to a hedge fund manager. Why not give the team away to the kind of people that helped you lose the team in the first place, right?

-A gallery of chicks dressed up like Poison Ivy from Batman? My nerd boner salutes you. To the left.

-A transcript of Chris Pronger’s press conference today where he talks about injuries, the captaincy of the Flyers and how to make a darling sashay out of simple household items.

-Finally, here is Amy Poehler giving her (their?) commencement speech at Harvard yesterday. Nothing like a hot blonde who can tell a joke.

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