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Series Preview: Philadelphia Phillies vs. New York Mets

The Philadelphia Phillies (30-19) travel to New York for a weekend series versus the New York Mets (23-25).

Friday: May 27th 2011 – 7:10pm
Roy Oswalt (3-2, 2.77 ERA)
Chris Capuano (3-5, 5.36 ERA)

Saturday: May 28th 2011 – 7:10pm
Cole Hamels (6-2, 3.06 ERA)
Mike Pelfrey (3-4, 5.37 ERA)

Sunday: May 29th 2011 – 1:10pm
Vance Worley (2-0, 2.14 ERA)
Jonathon Niese (3-5, 4.33 ERA)

Insanity. That’s really the only way you can describe the series the Phillies just played against the Reds. Let’s take a look at the highlights.

  • Game 1: Chase Utley makes his triumphant return. I got a little too excited and needed a new pair of trousers when he came to the plate in the bottom of the first. The Phillies offense, that hadn’t scored more than three runs in what feels like a month, goes bananas scoring ten runs despite Chase going 0-5.
  • Game 2: Ryan Madson who had given up one run in his first 19 outings get his titties ripped off allowing three runs in the top of the 9th in an ugly 6-3 loss.
  • Game 3: The funkiest of funk. The game was kinda long. And this guy was the winning pitcher, that’s all you need to know.

  • Game 4: Cliff Lee gives up four runs in eight innings (mediocre numbers in Philly ace land) however goes 2-4 with a ground-rule double and 3 RBIs. Cliff now has a higher batting average than Michael Martinez (.200), Dominic Brown (.167), and Chase Utley (.143) aka the guys who hit 1-2-3 for the Phillies in this game.

So pretty much my brain exploded watching these four games. Some weird ass things happened in this series, but the Phillies won 3/4 so you can’t complain. Seeing Wilson Valdez out on the mound throwing harder than a couple Major League pitchers do is something I hope I never need to see again, but it was amazing. For as much as I’ve cursed his GIDP ability at the plate, seeing him act like a little kid on the mound was awesome. Despite it being the 19th inning and it being a game your team really doesn’t want to lose, you could tell Willy Fresh was lovin’ the pressure. One more crazy stat before moving on to the next series and forgetting about this insanity. Jay Bruce had eleven RBIs in this series. The Reds scored seventeen runs total in the series. So hats off to Bruce who had about as good a series as a player can have.

With Memorial Day weekend already here the Phillies travel up to New York to face their buddies the New York Mets. Sadly the Mets still continue to absolutely suck so the fun days of the Philly-New York rivalry are still on hold. The Mets will be without David Wright, Ike Davis, Angel Pagan, and Bobby Parnell all players whom are pretty crucial to the Mets success. They have lost four of their last five due to some brutal pitching numbers. It’s also believed Jose Reyes is struggling since he isn’t getting his mid-game rub down from his best buddy David Wright.

On the other hand the Phillies offense finally came to life against the Reds. Was it the return of Chase? The return of hittin’ season weather? Or maybe God felt bad making Phillies fans watch 2-1 games every night. Regardless of the reasoning it’s about time the bats finally came alive. It will be interesting to see how this success translates to playing in the humongous ShitiField, but with the brutal staff of pitchers the Mets have, I’d be shocked not to see a lot of runs put on the board by the Phillies.

Things To Watch For:

  • Vanimal. Vance Worley said he was “tired” in the 3rd inning of his start versus the Reds. I say grab your balls and man up Vance, but maybe he does have a point being that he hadn’t thrown more than three innings in quite some time. I really like the way he’s been aggressive in his young career and I think he’s going to throw a gem in his start at the spacious ShitiField.
  • Pitching. The Phillies have an insane advantage in this series. Their team ERA is 3.02 while the Mets is a run worse at 4.09.
  • The outfield situation. All the Phillies outfielders had a big role on the offense side in the Cincinnati series. Facing two lefty starters it will be interesting to see how Chuck will use his five man outfield in this series.
  • Ryan Howard. The man has really been carrying the Phillies offense all season. With Utley back expect Howard to only get better. He’s got great numbers versus Capuano & Pelfrey in his career, expect another solid series out of the big piece.

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