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Series Preview: Philadelphia Phillies vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

Wait. Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, and Roy Oswalt pitched in a three game series versus the Washington Nationals, and we lost the series? What. The. Fuck.

Friday: June 3rd  – 7:05pm
Cole Hamels (7-2, 3.01 ERA)
Jeff Karstens (3-4, 3.58 ERA)

Saturday: June 4th – 7:05pm

Kyle Kendrick (3-3, 3.18 ERA)
Charlie Morton (5-2, 2.51 ERA)

Charlie Morton aka Little Halladay

Sunday: June 5th 2011 – 1:35pm
Roy Halladay (7-3, 2.56 ERA)
James McDonald (3-3, 4.85 ERA)

Just the amazing Doc/Chooch .gif

The series versus the Nationals kinda sucked. Roy Halladay gave up three home runs in the opening game which is amazing. I know Roy did at least fifty extra push-ups and had an hour-long talk with himself about the dreadful performance. But still, the Phillies won by a run. Game 2? Yikes, Clifford Phifer. Cliff’s tits are probably still laying somewhere near the pitching mound at Nationals Park. He gave up six earned runs in just 5.1 innings and the Phillies offense did nothing against Jason Marquis who had an ERA over nine in his career against the Phillies. In game three Laynce Nix made an insane catch robbing Dominic Brown of three RBI’s and the Phillies lost by a run, 2-1. Frustrating.

After a nice day off the Phillies travel to Pittsburgh to take on the worst MLB team an actual decent Pirates team. It’s been a long time since anyone could actually write that sentence, but the Pirates have been playing solid baseball thus far. They stand at 26-29 and have been lead by a couple young hitters (Neil Walker, Andrew McCutchen, and Jose Tabata) and a bunch of hack pitchers who are somehow pitching well (Charlie Morton, Kevin Correia, and Joel Hanrahan). I love Andrew McCutchen, he’s got great speed and power and plays a tremendous center field. I also love Charlie Morton who can thank Roy Halladay for his success. Watch Morton pitch, his motion is eerily similar to Doc’s.

I also love Pittsburgh’s stadium. My buddy Rudy and I went on a road trip last year and Pittsburgh was one of the stops. It was built by the same group who did Citizen’s Bank Park and there are a lot of similarities. Solid food, sweet BBQ in the outfield and lots of open areas. They also have one of the best mascots in baseball, besides the fact that he enjoys eating babies, but to each his own.

The Phillies finally have the gang back together as they’ll have their (A) lineup for the first time all season for tonight’s game. By (A) lineup I mean no Wilson Valdez, Pete Orr, or Michael Martinez. Instead it’s Rollins. Polanco. Utley. Howard. Victorino. Ibanez. Domonic. Chooch. Cole. Rolls off the tongue beautifully. Hopefully with no hacks around the lineup will finally show some consistency.

Keys To The Series

  • Finish road trip strong. The Phillies have an eleven game home stand following this series versus the Pirates so winning this series is big. They are 3-3 on the current road trip and going with at least a 5-4 record would be a solid confidence booster with eleven games against the Dodgers, Cubbies, and Fish coming up.
  • The Domonic Brown Experience. Three right-handed starters=Dom time. I really thought he won Wednesday’s game when he laced the ball to left field off the end of his bat, but Laynce Nix had to ruin the fun. But Domonic finally looks confident at the plate. Remember when he was like 2-1,432,253,676 between winter ball and spring training? Yeah, me neither. He’s 10 for his last 20 with three doubles and a homer. He’s raised his average from .071 to .324 in less than a week. Sexy. I also realized I’ve been spelling his name wrong every time I write. Domonic not Dominic. I’m just going to have to come up a sweet D-Brown nickname so I don’t need to deal with spelling.
  • KYLE KENDRICK. He’s starting a game. I’m scared. But, I talked myself off the ledge and kind of like it. Vanimal was a mess and KK (gulp) has been reliable this season. His one start against the Rockies didn’t end well (three innings, 5 runs, 2 Giambi moonshots) but that was a last-minute injury replacement start. KK has known for a while that he’ll be starting and hopefully had time to prepare. I mean shit Kyle your running out of options you need to do well eventually, right? You do have a hot wife. Rumor out is that Vance is moving in on her if you struggle Saturday. Remember that.

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