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Series Preview: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Philadelphia Phillies

The third place Los Angeles Dodgers come to Philadelphia to face the team with the best record in Major League Baseball…Still? Really? Even after losing 2/3 to the worst franchise in baseball? Well it’s cool, but what the hell is the rest of baseball doing, because the Phillies haven’t been doing anything well lately*.

*Except when God aka Roy Halladay pitches.

June 7th – 7:05pm
Ted Lilly (4-4, 4.22 ERA)
Cliff Lee (4-5, 3.94 ERA)

June 8th – 7:05pm
Rubby De La Rosa (1-0, 1.80 ERA)
Roy Oswalt (3-3, 2.70)

June 9th – 7:05pm
Hiroki Kuroda (5-6, 3.46 ERA)
Cole Hamels (7-2, 2.83 ERA)

Just amazing photo shop work right there

So losing two out of three to the Pittsburgh Pirates isn’t very good. The corpse of Kyle Kendrick was on the mound for one of those loses so I guess that’s how that one can be explained. The extra inning loss? Frustrating. Jeff Karstens was throwing 85mph and the Phillies lineup managed to make him look like Nolan Ryan. Then the game then ventured to the Phillies new favorite trend, extra innings. Unfortunately the extra-inning long man extraordinaire Danys Baez blew it. Stupid Charlie he should have just gone right to Willy-Fresh to shut the door!

Gotta miss Bretty.

Next on the schedule is the Los Angeles Dodgers. It’s always interesting when your going up against pitchers named Rubby and Hiroki. The Dodgers and Phillies have seen a lot of each other over the past few seasons. It started back in the 2008 NLCS when Brett Myers gave Manny Ramirez a little sweet chin music. Then it continued in 2009 as the underdog Phillies beat up on the Dodgers to go to their second straight World Series. But since that 09′ series Manny Ramirez took some funky stuff and grew a vagina (right?) then retired, Brett Myers is an alcoholic/crazy person pretending to be a MLB pitcher for the Astros, and the Dodgers didn’t make the playoffs last year. Sadly the rivalry, if you can call it that, ended abruptly. Since this minor rivalry disappeared things have really gone downhill quickly for the Dodgers. Bud Selig took control of the Dodgers due to troublesome ownership, some scumbag Dodger fans put a guy into a coma, and attendance at Dodger stadium is down over 7,000 people per game from last season. Pretty much Los Angeles, you’re not running well.

Keys To The Series

  • Ace battle! Clearly Roy Halladay is the ace of this staff, but the battle for number two has been interesting. Everyone gave the title to Clifford, but he’s been very eh so far this season. What started off as Halladay-Lee-Oswalt-Hamels-Blanton is now Halladay-Hamels-Oswalt-Lee-Worley/KK/Tubby/who cares just try to throw 5 innings. In the Dodgers series the 3 (B) aces will be pitching. It’ll be interesting to see how a healthy Oswalt throws, if Cole can continue his success and if Cliff can finally get back on track. They’ll need to pitch well to stop a hot Dodgers team including Matt Kemp who went 7-11 with three homers in their last series against the Cincinnati Reds.
  • Chase Utley. I fully expected Chase to drop a bomb Saturday night to lead an improbable comeback against the Pirates. Instead he flared a ball out to left field looked at his feet slammed his bat into the ground and sprinted to first. Chase did that a couple of times Saturday night and was visibly upset. So Sunday? He won the game for the Phillies. Utley went 3-5 with a walk and made one of the best diving catches at second base that I’ve seen in a longggg time. The dive got Roy Halladay out of a jam and prevented the Pirates from making it a one run game. Add this game to the list of reasons why Chase Utley is the man.
  • Win the first two games of this series. Ted Lilly is 0-2 with a 12.96 ERA in his last two starts against the Phillies, so hopefully that trend will continue. I have a little man crush on game two starter Rubby De La Rosa since I have him in my crack-head fantasy league, but he’ll be making his first MLB start so it will be interesting to see how he does. The third game is against Hiroki Kuroda. I did a quadruple take when I saw the Phillies numbers against him. As a team they are hitting (4-52) .077 against him. That’s not very good. Hopefully the Phillies can jump on both the game 1/2 starters and then try to do something against good old Hiroki.

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