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Summer is coming in the Bronx

Jeter needs only 12 hits to become the 28th member of the 3000 hit club

It’s starting to get hot in the Bronx.  Amid blistering heat Derek Jeter entered last night’s game against the Red Sox needing only 14 hits to join 27 other baseball immortals in the much-coveted 3000 hits club.  The Yankees kicked off a 10 game home-stand with a 6-4 loss to the Red Sox, however Jeter managed to inch 2 hits closer to the milestone.  Everyone east of the Mississippi knows that Jeter would love to get 12 more hits in the next 9 games and break the record at home.  The problem with this (besides Jeter’s sluggish start to the ’11 campaign) is that he has 2 more games against the Sox, 4 against the Indians, and 3 against Texas.  All three of these teams are either in 1st place or tied for 1st in their division.  The only silver lining is the next four starters the Yanks will face are just a combined 10-12 this season.  Jeter has been my horse since I started watching baseball, and I’m still betting on him crossing the finish line before the team plane departs for Chicago.

On another note, last night’s game reminded me of something I read about Jorge Posada several years ago- he hates to DH.  Posada came in for an injured Mark Teixeira and went 3-3 with a RBI, run and a walk.  Why was I, like everyone else, expecting Posada to have a decent year hitting?  It goes against everything he ‘s said in his career.  The dude has been a straight up leader on the field for the last decade, which he feeds off of when hitting.  Why would that change after so many years in the league?  Not gonna happen, and last night was proof.  Unfortunately (well… maybe not) Teixeira is just too good in the field and behind the plate to call for Posada getting any reps at 1st.

AJ Burnett (6-3) is up against Tim Wakefield (2-1)  Tex says his knee is fine and he wants to play.  We will see soon enough.  Since joining the Yankees, Burnett is 0-7 with a 8.33 ERA against the Sox.  Should be interesting.

P.S.- Papi- don’t fucking flip the bat you busch-league scumbag.  Girardi- If you don’t want Papi to flip the bat then stop putting in shitty pitchers that are gonna give him meatballs.  I’d say have AJ retaliate tonight, but we all know that no one can control what that man does.

One response to “Summer is coming in the Bronx

  1. X-Man June 9, 2011 at 2:50 PM

    I would like wins rather than DJ getting his 3k hit… sorry WS is much more important

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