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Old Man and the C

Chris Drury, the captain of the New York Rangers since 2008, will reportedly have the final year of his contract bought out by the club today. While I usually only comment on the Rags and Flyguys as part of my commitment to the blog and hockey, this one actually hits a little close to home.  I was lucky enough to attend the same high school as Drury, and my junior year history teacher was actually one of his line mates when they played puck together at Fairfield Prep (What’s up, Mr. Mauritz!). Drury was one of my favorite players on the 2001 Stanley Cup champion Colorado Avalanche squad and the fact that the Avs traded him in ’03 is still something that makes me cringe. That and the fact that neither Derek Morris, Jeff Shantz, or that other bum play for the Avs or even did anything successful while rocking the “A”.

Holding. Back. Tears

While this certainly isn’t the end of Chris’ career, it is clear that it is turning in a new direction. He is no longer the young, speedy center he was back when he was scoring clutch OT goals for the Avs and the Sabres. He’s lost a step sure, but with experience comes age. Any team would be lucky to have him as a third line center and he certainly would add the type of depth and leadership a Stanley Cup contender needs (Washington?).  He never quite gelled in New York, but I blame that more on the mismatched way Glen Sather puts together a roster than his lack of competitiveness. Chris reminds me of Steve Yzerman, in the regard that when he became older he traded his dazzling skill for confident leadership. Look for a team to scoop up Chris to a comfortable and cheap 2 year contract in the coming months. I’d love for it to be with the Avs, but with their depth at center (currently 3 studs deep, with 1 in the minors and who knows what the draft holds) I don’t see that as a possibility. But god damn would I love it if he came back. As always, my favorite Chris Drury moment.

(NOTE: You have to fast forward about 2 minutes into the clip for Drury’s moment, or you can watch the whole thing while longing for the old day like myself.)




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