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Series Preview: Chicago Cubs vs. Philadelphia Phillies

It’s hot outside, there’s a high of 99 today in Philadelphia. Hot weather=miserable. For those who didn’t make it pass kindergarten the opposite of hot is cold. Cold weather is also miserable, unless it’s air conditioning, but now we are getting a little too in depth. Anyway, the Chicago Cubs are what you call a “cold” team. They are coming off an eight game losing streak, and now the Phillies get to play them for four straight games. In the words of the late great Notorious B.I.G. …… Juicy.

Game Times/Probable Starters
Thursday – June 9th – 7:05 pm

Kyle Kendrick (3-4) vs. Randy Wells (1-1)

Kyle Kendrick's wedding pictures are pure gold

Friday- June 10th – 7:05 pm
Roy Halladay (8-3) vs. Carlos Zambrano (5-2)

Carlos Zambrano holding a puppy dog. Standard.

Satuday – June 11th – 4:10 pm
Cliff Lee (5-5) vs. Matt Garza (2-5)

Clifford holding a guitar.... I'll never get why seeing a famous person do something very normal always makes you chuckle. ie. the last two pictures. KK's picture on the other hand is just pure hilarity.

Sunday – June 12th – 1:35 pm
Roy Oswalt (3-4) vs. Doug Davis (0-5)


Huge, huge, huge, huge win for the Phillies last night against the Dodgers. The offense was once again was absolutely horrible in this series scoring a total of seven runs, but the Phillies won two of the three games due to having a couple stud pitchers. The blueprint for the Phillies continues 0n: sexy pitching & fugly hitting, but it’s gettin er’ done for the time being.

I wrote in my preview for the Dodgers series that it was a “battle” to see who was the 2nd ace behind Doc. Both Cliff and Cole were downright nasty in their starts. Together they threw 15 innings, allowed 13 hits, walked one batter and struck out nineteen. Neither allowed a run and both got the win despite getting nearly no offensive support. On the other end of the spectrum, Roy Oswalt struggled allowing four runs in six innings. But hey he’s still a decent fourth starter. Despite his struggles it is clear that all of the big 4 want to be known as the “best” pitcher on the Phillies staff.

The Chicago Cubs are an absolute disaster of a team. They have won two of their last twelve games and are sitting at 24-36 for the season. Two of their better known hitters, Marlon Byrd and Alfonso Soriano, are both on the disabled list and Carlos Zambrano recently said the Cubs are playing like a triple-A team. It’s getting to the point where God is literally running out of ways to completely screw Cubs fans.

No keys to the series, if we can’t take at least three of these games it is a pretty big disappointment especially considering how terrible the Cubs have been. While Zambrano’s insult towards his team was a little over the top, their lineup could be a Triple-A team’s lineup. Instead of five boring keys to the series, here are five amazing “I have incredible anger management issues” pictures of my main man Carlos Zambrano.

* He’s not a good role model kiddies.

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