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Camden Preview

Trey Appreciating the Jennifer Dances request from @Yemblog

Tonight marks the return of summer Phishing to my favorite venue the E Centre, Tweeter Center Susquehena Bank Center.  A solid group of my asshole buddies friends are making the trip to our home court to take in the festivities.  While their are a lot of people out there who tend to dissect every thing and note the band does (yeah i know pot calling kettle black), I for one really try to use each show as a way to enjoy myself (pun intended).  If Ernest screws up a section in one of the oldest songs in his repotoire (see Divided Sky, Holmdel) I do my best to roll with the punches and move past it.  Getting too caught up in the perfection of every note is not only stupid, its unhealthy.  While we may all think that they are somehow superhuman and capable of perfection every time, they are not.  They are humans just like us (although i do notice some Jedi tendancies as well sometimes).  This tour has noobs and Jaded Vets alike looking at themselves in wonderment as we are witnessing easily the best tour in the past 8 years.  I fully attribute this to one thing.  The band does not give a fuck what we think.  Don’t misinterpret that as they dont care about us and our experience, because they most certainly do.  Phish has noticeably been play more repeat songs his tour than any I can remember.  You know why?  You guessed it: They dont give a fuck.  I heard Carini twice in 6 days because they wanted to rock the fuck outta that song again.  They played Suzy Greenberg twice as well because it gives them as many chills as it does the audience when everyone screams the chorus together when Kuroda hits us with the lights.  I refuse to let something that I truly love turn into something negative.  And all the Jaded Vets out there can say “Well you never saw REAL phish man”, and I will tell them the following : Fuck off.  So i hope to see you all there tonight, i’ll be the guy in the pit with the melted face.

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