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Shut Your Face

I promise guys, I'll be using photoshop by the Fall.

My hatred of Lebron goes deep. Ever since he burst onto the scene in ’03 I’ve wished nothing but ill will upon him. I used to get into legit shouting matches with a good friend, just goading him with my hopes of Lebron never winning a championship. Now remember, I don’t care about basketball. It just seemed that the whole world was breathing out their nose on this guys junk, and I enjoy to stir the pot. Needless to say things were going swimmingly until this asshole took his talents to South Beach and made the Finals. Luckily, he shit the bed last night (8 points!) and now it looks like karma is to blame. Sweet, delicious karma. (via ESPN)

Blockquote, after the jump.

As they walked out of American Airlines Center after Thursday morning’s shootaround, Wade and James pretended to cough and wheeze, smirking as they repeatedly covered their mouths with their shirts while being filmed by Miami CBS affiliate WFOR.

“Whoa, did y’all hear me cough? I think I’m sick,” Wade said before turning toward James and chuckling.

Lebron was overheard saying, “Just like those terminal kids we’re always visiting”, and then looking at Wade for validation.

This came two days after Nowitzki scored 21 points, including a critical driving layup in the last minute, while playing with a 101-degree fever during the Dallas Mavericks‘ NBA Finals-tying Game 4 win.

Needless to say, if there is a God he may suffer from frequent sinus infections because he was none too pleased with the antics of Tweedledee and Tweedledurr. The Mavericks are now in position to win their first title, and avenge their demons from the ’06 Finals. Game 6 is on Sunday.

Oh and hey Lebron, I think your baby mama fucked Rashard Lewis. That sucks dude.

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