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The Night the good guys Won

"God Damn ima make it rain Deutsche Marks tonight"

The NBA finals for me have been nothing more than a reason drink to beer and complain about how the NBA sucks in recent years.  I had no interest in rooting for either the Lakers or the Celtics.  Both teams possess fan bases that literally make me cringe thinking about them.  While both extremely dedicated and full of personality, I find it hard not to gag when thinking about each respective fan bases’ smug attitude towards the basketball world.  Being a fan of all things Philadelphia (especially throwing snowballs at Santa Claus), I can truly say that my interest in basketball hinged on the success of my local franchise.  Growing up i was treated to some of the most groundbreaking basketball the world has ever seen.  Allen Iverson took the NBA by storm with his “I don’t give a F*&K” attitude that rubbed off (or rubbed the wrong way) everyone around him.  If Michael Jordan was the hero of the 90’s, AI was definitely the anti-hero of the 00’s.  The way he barked at Referees, drove aimlessly to the rim without regard for his body, and swagger that may never be matched, made me a fan of basketball.  He singlehandedly brought the Sixers to the Finals in 2001 and defeated a Shaq and Kobe led Laker squad that hadn’t lost in the playoffs yet.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but that was probably my peak basketball watching experience of my life.  After that things went downhill pretty quickly for me.   I became more invested in the Eagles and Donovan McNabb (mistake) and kind of let my love of the game fall by the wayside.  That is until last night.

Yup I own a NBA team

I always respected the Mavericks for some reason, which is strange because I have a very extreme dislike for just about anything Dallas-Related (The Cowboys, the television show, etc).  Mark Cuban just seemed like a badass dude who I would love to hang out with at a game.  I love the fact that he screamed at the refs, made comments about officiating (which in hindsight were 100% true…I’m looking at you Tim Donaghy!) no matter how much he was getting fined.  He has what you would call: Fuck You Money.  I always loved Dirk Nowitzki because, in all fairness, he was a tall goofy white dude who could drain threes.

The 2011 NBA finals featured a bunch of good guys (Dirk, Jason Terry, Jason Kidd, Shawn Marion, Rick Carlisle) against a bunch of douche bags (Lebron, Wade, Bosh, Spolestra, Pat Riley, Eddie House).  I had been so used to not giving a shit who won the finals because it was basically either Kobe, or KG whom my hate has grown exponentially every year.  This year though the good guys won.  Lebron was almost comical to watch last night in crunch time.  He couldn’t wait to swing the ball to one of his other teammates.  When Dwayne Wade tried to generate something, he turned the ball over on several key possessions late in the game.  The best part though was watching Chris Bosh fall to his knees on the way to the locker room crying like a baby after the game was over.  I understand being upset but C’MON!  You’re making close to 20 million dollars a year, pull it together dude.

I couldn’t be happier with the result of this year’s finals, and who knows with a new owner (potentially) taking over the Sixers next year, we might have our own passionate billionaire.  Which would be a welcome change.  What’s that you say about a lockout……..oh shit never mind.

This video will NEVER get old though

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