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But He Can’t End the Lockout

Kansas City Chiefs Tight End Lenoard Pope saved a kid from drowning over the weekend. Really.

The Chiefs’ backup tight end on Saturday saved the son of a longtime friend from drowning in his hometown of Americus, Ga.

“My heart dropped. It could have been any child … I just knew I had to do something,” Pope said in an interview with “ESPN First Take” on Tuesday. “I wasn’t waiting on anyone else … to try to pull him out. I just felt because I have kids of my own I would want someone to do that for my kids, also.” (via ESPN)

When asked for comment my dad, a Chiefs fan, responded, “yeah, well he’s still no Tony Gonzalez.”

Pope seen here doing yet another thing you can't do.

That’s pretty awesome stuff. A lot of NFL players find their way into the news in the most unsavory ways, so it is always refreshing to have a feel good story come out. Guy even jumped into the pool with his cell phone in his pocket. BOOM! Hero’ed. I don’t even like to sit in a comfortable chair with my iPod and phone in my pocket cause they stab my leg. I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “but surely Joe, this could have been avoided, right?” Well, go put some pants on and we’ll finish this story.

You’re not going to believe this quote, after the jump. 

The boy’s mother, Anne Moore, told the Americus Times Recorder that Pope was the only person at the party who knew how to swim. Pope said he learned how to swim when he was 9 or 10 years old.

He was the only person at the party who knew how to swim. The. Only. Person. This brings up a lot of questions. Number 1: WHO THE FUCK OWNS A SWIMMING POOL AND DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO SWIM? Now, the story doesn’t mention whether or not this was Popes house, but honestly, what the fuck? If this is Pope’s house wouldn’t you think he’d be all “Hey, all my guest who can’t fucking swim, let’s not party near the pool of water in which you would find yourself unfamiliar within.” And so help me God if this wasn’t his house. That means this family owns a pool and can’t fucking swim. I need more from this story. HIT ME AGAIN, GENE!

The NFL’s lockout turned out to be good fortune for Moore and her son.

“The fact that he is normally at camp and could have been in Kansas City just proved to me that he was placed here to save my son from drowning, and I thank God that he was here,” she told the newspaper. “He truly lived up to his nickname ‘Champ’ because he was truly a champion for me and my son this past weekend.”

Chalk that up to a victory for the owners. Go on, you’ve earned that cigar and expensive prostitute.

That’s it for me today guys. The Drive will be back on Thursday, or you know, some one else could do it.

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