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Take a seat, Rob.

Close your mouth, you look like a trout.

60 minutes. That’s how long Roberto Luongo had to be perfect for, and the Stanley Cup would be his. Not even perfect. OK. Alright. Kind of sort of not bad. Instead, Luongo lasted less than 4 minutes. (I feel sorry for his wife.) He got lit up three times by the Boston Bruins in 3:04 of play into the first period, and just like that, the Vancouver Canucks will be hosting the B’s for Game 7 on Wednesday night.

Block quote, after the jump.

When Brad Marchand whistled a shot over Roberto Luongo‘s shoulder early in Game 6, Vancouver’s enigmatic goalie looked a bit surprised, a little shaky.

When Milan Lucic trickled another goal through Luongo’s legs 35 seconds later, the Boston Bruins could tell Luongo was off — and they were on. (via ESPN)

Boston would go on to score on the backup goalie Cory Schneider a few times and win the game 5-2. It’s been quite the interesting series as Boston has outscored Vancouver 17-3 in the three games played in Beantown, but they’ve been shut out in 2 of their 3 games played in the Great White North (and scored 2 goals in the other loss.)

Heading into Wednesday’s night game, this really is Luongo’s Cup to lose. With the way this series has played out, you’d imagine Vancouver to go home and shut down Boston like they did their last three home games. But this is Game 7, where anything can happen. All it takes is a few minutes. But Roberto is well aware of that.

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