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Series Preview: Philadelphia Phillies vs. Seattle Mariners

I was going to title this article, True Life: Recap of the raping of a Marlin in Philadelphia, but I didn’t want to attract people interested in rape stories to 90on95.com….Why the weird logos? Well those are two MLS teams, the Philadelphia Union & Seattle Sounders (Major League Soccer, yes we have that here in the US of A). I searched Philadelphia vs. Seattle and this is what comes up. Not Phillies-Mariners, not Eagles-Seahawks, not Sixers-Super Sonics…oh wait…ouch, touchy subject Seattle, I apologize. But soccer is the first thing that comes up? Really America? I’m a little shocked and sadly I had to leave those boring soccer logos since I couldn’t find any cute Phillies-Mariners pictures.

Anyways, cheers to raping fish, let’s keep it going against the other “M” fish.

Friday, June 17th – 10:10 pm (ugh fuck you west coast)
Roy Oswalt (4-4)
Michael Pineda (6-4)

Saturday, June 18th – 10:10 pm (fuck you x2 west coast)
Vance Worley (2-1)
Felix Hernandez (7-5)

Sunday, June 19th – 4:10 pm
Cole Hamels (9-2)
Jason Vargas (4-4)

WOO-HOO the rivalry is back! Sox-Yanks???? Fuck that. The best baseball rivalry is obviously the Philadelphia Phillies versus Seattle Mariners. FACTS:

  • The Mariners and Phillies have faced each other a total of 6 times. The Red Sox-Yankees? Psh. Only 2,091 times.
  • Geography: 206 miles from Yankee Stadium to Fenway? Probably takes 30 hours due to traffic. The Phillies and Mariners are only 2,946 miles apart, practically neighbors!
  • History: Yankees/Sox World Championships? 34. Phillies-Mariners? 2. Yeah the Mariners haven’t even won a pennant. Oh well, I tried to get you excited for this series.

Anyway as you can see the Phillies and Mariners don’t face each other often, and there isn’t much exciting history between these two franchises. The last time they played a series was in 2005. In the final game the Phillies won 3-2. Geoff Geary was the winning pitcher, Kenny Lofton was in center field, and Ugeth Urbinia pitched an inning of relief. Ah, how the times have changed.

A lot of people love interleague play, but I find it incredibly stupid. You should either play the entire opposite league or none of it. How is it fair if team (A) is playing the Yankees, Red Sox, Rangers While team (B) gets the Athletics, Blue Jays, and Orioles? I dunno, just a personal opinion, but I think interleague needs some tinkering, or just have Abe Lincoln come through and abolish it all together.

Saw this picture online...I had to incorporate it somehow.

The Phillies are en fuego right now coming off of a home stand in which they went 9-2. In six of those games they allowed either zero or one run. Doing that will result in a lot of wins. However, the thing that was most encouraging was the offense. Chase Utley showed signs of life, Jimmy Rollinshit well, hell, even the Big Piece woke up from his coma and was ripping the ball. Sure the pitching they were facing wasn’t fantastic, but you need to start off somewhere.


This series will be a test. Gone are the candy pitchers such as Javier Vazquez and Chris Volstad. Instead the Phillies will be facing the Mariners top three pitchers. No need to lie, you probably know very little about the Mariners besides the fact that they have a little Chinese **Correction he’s Japanese…Yeah my bad, start the racist jokes** boy who looks like a monkey playing right field. Offensively, they aren’t pretty. Ichiro is having his worst MLB season yet, prospect Justin Smoak has struggled to hit for average and the carcass of Chone Figgins is somehow still getting at-bats. They are calling up top prospect Dustin Ackley, a former UNC Tarheel whom is being compared to Chase Utley. However, this comparison is absurd because no other man can be that perfect. The Mariners pitching makes up for the lack of offense. They have two young stud pitchers in Michael Pineda & King Felix Hernandez. They both are nasty, nasty, nasty and sadly the Phillies will be facing both of them. Mix in a solid veteran lefty in Jason Vargas and it’ll be interesting to see if the Philly bats remain hot.

Chooch's Wednesday Night Walk-Off

Things to Watch

  • Safeco sucks. Safeco Field is very Citi Fieldish. It’s difficult to hit homers and is very spacious. This could very easily lead to three low scoring games.
  • Vanimal: He’s back. Worley pitched very well in the minors after getting sent down. Hopefully getting stretched out into “starting shape” will help him get back on track.
  • Youth movement. King Felix, Pineda, Ackley, D-Brown, Hamels, Madson. Those are just some of the best young players/top prospects in all of baseball in this series. There is a lot of good young players in this series, it will be cool to see Ackley make his debut as well as watching two of the best young pitchers in baseball.

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