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The Daily Drive – 6/18/2011

The Daily Drive is a daily (for the most part, except when drugos/alcohol gets in the way) post of all the prominent things going on in the sports world we didn’t cover, and anything else we might want to share with you. Yeah it’s the weekend, but I have some things to talk about. I mean the drive has been done by Poppa Bear, Captain Dan, Daft Puck this week already and well I want a turn with her….the drive is officially turning into the town whore.

– The Phillies lost to the Mariners last night. The game was over past my bedtime, but I stayed up cause I’m a tough motherfucker. Anyway now they face Felix Hernandez…hold off on hitting season there Captain Dan.

– Our friends from the Bronx lost to the hopeless Chicago Cubs. Doug Davis was 0-5 with an ERA near 6 entering the start, but he shut down the powerful Yankees offense. I tried to come up with a clever joke to make fun of the Yankees, but the Cubs are just so terrible it was pointless.  Carlos Marmol acted like he just won the World Series after getting the final out, once again God just hates Cubs fans there is no way around it.

– Barack Obama played golf with a bunch of other politicians this morning. He’ a 17 handicap. Who cares if he was the President when we killed Bin Laden I want a President who can stick a 4 iron from 235 out. 

– More after the jumper

– The Chive has a gallery of girls wearing tight dresses. If the following picture doesn’t make you click the link….well your a gay, no way around it.

girls in tight dresses 6 Tight dresses: I pity the man who sees his daughter wearing stuff like this (35 Photos)

– From incredibly hot girls in dresses to eating poop….Natrual transition. Apparently scientists in Japan have come up with a way to create edible steaks out of human feces. Here’s a video of the breakthrough (?) technology they created. I mean it can’t be much worse than what they served at the FDU cafeteria.

– The Bruins had their parade this morning. I love parades. Nothing beats public intoxication, champagne being popped everywhere and seeing all the people skipping work to be there. However, Boston is incredibly stupid and had their parade on Saturday. Thank God I don’t live there/root for any of those miserable teams.

Jurassic Park 4? Who doesn’t love dinosaurs, sign me up.

Better sequel? Hint: these two are in it.
Step Brothers

– It’s the weekend, that’s the best I got for you. Get outside and drink some beers, it’s so nice out it would be rude not to.

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