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The Long Awaited Return of the Philadelphia Phillies

Its time to celebrate folks

The last year and a half have been somewhat of a strange time for me.  I graduated college, got a real job, started taking baby asprin (gotta be proactive for a healthy heart) and seemingly watched my beloved Phillies forget how to do what they do best.  Mash the baseball.  2010, while being one of the coolest seasons i’ve ever witnessed (Doc’s No-No, Doc’s perfecto, the full emergence of Cole Hamels, going to every Phil’s home playoff game), it lacked something that every true Phillies fan missed.  With injuries plaguing the lineup and basically every single starter spending a significant portion of time on the disabled list, the offense could never get locked in the way they had in seasons past.  The season ended in unglorious fashion with Juan Uribe breaking my heart with that bullshit HR down the right field line.

2011 offered a new hope though.  We have the best starting rotation in baseball, everyone was healthy (or so we thought), and a fresh start for the team to find its collective identity.  Then we found out about Chase’s knee and we had to make the best of it, which the 2011 squad definitely has.  Sporting the best record in baseball the 2011 Phils have done so predominantly with unbelievable starting pitching.  The offense has done what has been neccesary by winning close ballgames by the slimmest of margins.  Then a little over three weeks ago, we got the shot of life that this ball club needed.  Chase was back, and that balky knee that was hampering him?  Aint no thang.  It took him a few weeks to get his timing back and to find his stroke, but his presence, as well as the materialization of the real Dom Brown, have made pitchers loathe the day when their spot in the rotation comes up against the boys in the red pinstripes.  No longer can teams pitch around Ryan Howard and Placido Polanco to face the likes of Wilson Valdez and Dane Sardhina.  And while some of you may think this proclamation be a bit pre-mature, I’m here to tell you that the Phillies are fucking back.

Me and Timmy P went to the second game of the double header a few nights ago and witnessed what we could only describe as a vintage Phillies win.  Down two runs in the ninth, the offense patiently waited for the Marlins closer Leo Nunez to inevitably lose his focus.  Earlier in the season, you could have banked on the offense to try and go up there and swing for the fences with the faint hope they would actually connect and knock one out of the yard.  Not this team.  They once again patiently(I cannot emphasize this point enough) got some guys on base, and had confidence in their teammates to come through when it mattered.  When Shane Victorino roped a single that tied the game in the bottom of the ninth, you just knew that this team wasn’t going to be beat that night.  Chooch sent the remaining masses into a frenzy when he smoked a 95mph heater back up the middle scoring Ryan Howard for the win.

Much has been made the last season and a half about the “Year of the Pitcher.”  Im here to say: Fuck that noise……….It’s Hittin’ Season baby.

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