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Series Preview – Philadelphia Phillies vs. St. Louis Cardinals

Tuesday, June 21st – 8:15pm
Roy Halladay (9-3)
Kyle McClellan (6-3)

Wednesday, June 22nd – 8:15pm
Cliff Lee (7-5)
Kyle Lohse (7-3)

Thursday, June 23rd – 8:15pm
Roy Oswalt (4-5)
Chris Carpenter (1-7)

Hey Roy we do have 4 aces, you are supposed to be one of them

Frustrating series against the Mariners as their talented pitching staff completely shut down the Phillies bats in two of the three games. The Phillies hit just .216 in the series. Take out Shane Victorino’s 5-12 performance and they hit just .188….Regardless of what pitchers your facing, those numbers = no good. However, the Mariners pitching staff is very good. Hopefully they can talk King Felix out of signing up to serve for the evil empire because a 1-2 punch of him and Pineda would be fun to watch.

Besides the difficulty hitting some stud pitching I think the struggles in this series can also be contributed to a little fatigue. They played four games in three days against the Marlins then had to jump on a plane, fly across the country and play against a team they haven’t faced in six years. Probably just wishful thinking on my part, but I think the Monday off day will help them a lot.

Next on the schedule are the Albert Pujols-less St. Louis Cardinals. Mr. Pujols fractured his wrist Sunday and is expected to miss 4-6 weeks. The Cards have had some absolutely brutal luck to start the season. Matt Holliday, David Freese, Allen Craig, Nick Punto, Skip Schumaker, and George Laird have all already had DL stints and of course they lost one of the best pitchers in baseball Adam Wainwright for the entire season during spring training. Mix in a 1-7 start from their “ace” Chris Carpenter and it is a miracle they are tied for first in the NL Central.

The funkiest story involving the St. Louis Cardinals that for some reason didn’t get a lot of attention, is Tony LaRussa’s battle with shingles. I’ll be honest I don’t really know what shingles is and didn’t feel like looking it up, but I’m creeped the fuck out by whatever the hell happened to him. He looked like a mix of Al Davis and this dude from Hanibal.

You can see Tony’s nasty looking face here . He’s doing better which is good news since he’s one of the best managers baseball has ever seen, but goddamn he probably scared the shit out of his smoke-show of a daughter who is now a cheerleader for the Raiders….(Yeah yeah, I’ll post a couple pictures of her since I made you look at Mason Verger/Al Davis…I apologize)

Keys to The Series

  • Placido Polanco, wake the fuck up please. Polly is currently the leading vote getter at third base in the National League, but hell I think he should give up his spot to Wilson Valdez who is hitting eighty points higher than Polanco’s .206 June batting average. After a blistering start Polly’s average has dropped under .300 and he sat out Sunday’s game after going 0-8 with 3 K’s in the first two games. Hopefully it’s just a funk and he’s not injured again. Here’s to hoping a trip to his old stomping grounds in St. Louis will get him back on track.
  • All Aces. No Vance Worley or Kyle Kendrick starts in this series, the Phillies are bringing the heat at the reeling Cardinals. However, Roy Oswalt has lost 5 of his 12 starts and is off to statistically one of his worst starts in his career. He also seems like he’s always moping around the club house annoyed with being asked things. Hey Roy, remember when you did this? Smile a bit kid.
  • Big Piece. He’s a career .365 hitter at Busch Stadium with eight home runs in just twenty-three games. He’s currently second in the NL in RBI’s.
    Facing three right-handed pitchers in this series, expect Ryan to have a monsterous three games against the Cards.

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