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The Daily Drive – 6/20/2011

The Daily Drive is a daily (for the most part) post of all the prominent things going on in the sports world we didn’t cover, and anything else we might want to share with you. Like how depressing it is when you realize you don’t get a summer anymore. Thanks real world.

– I’ll start off with the depressing stuff. Ryan Dunn one of the stars of Jackass died this weekend. He was driving at 3am when his Porsche 911 GT3 went off the road and burst into flames killing both Dunn and a unidentifed passenger. Earlier in the night he posted this picture on twitter:
Ryan Dunn Twitter

I mean he could have called a cab, but driving home hammered in a Porsche is much cooler….Unless it looks like this after your done driving. Yeah that’s kind of fucked up of me, but there’s a drinking and driving message mixed in there.

Dunn will be remembered for shoving a matchbox car up his ass, jumping off of crazy shit and getting his ass kicked all the time. Jackass is a great show and it sucks that one of these guys had to pass away. RIP.

– Albert Pujols is out 4-6 with a fractured arm. Oh and the Cardinals play the Phillies next…Thanks for that one God.

– Ok enough depressing news. Jack McKeon, who is eighty years old…yes 8-0, is once again the coach of the Florida Marlins. He led them to the 2003 World Series and is one of the better respected coaches in baseball. It is rumored that the Marlins are paying him purely in Viagra.

– Some disturbing images/some amazing images after the jump

– I threw up in my mouth three times when I just heard of this, but Lady Gaga did some ummm horrific, terrifying, made me throw up another seven times after seeing them naked/bondage pictures. Here they are if you’re in need of a weight loss program and want to throw up a bit.

– Here’s a better image.

– That’s the new Miss USA. She’s from California **Edit….She’s not from Cali she was born in New Jersey…I’m ashamed she covered it up**, that’s rude. Here’s a gallery of the rest of the losers who are still winners in my eyes.

– Who wouldn’t want a slave? According to CNN there are 10-30 million slaves in the world. The article says I can get my own personal slave for $90. I wonder if they have hybrid slaves/prostitutes, sure the price may be a little higher but you’d never need to get married.

– Game of Thrones season one finale was last night. I don’t have anything to post about it, but if you didn’t watch season 1, get the fuck on it.

– This commerical is on TV. I sware. Happy Monday.

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