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Go Back to Sleep Grandpa

Smells like victory. And menthol cigarettes.

I used to watch this show “Tales of the Crypt Keeper”, on HBO, when I was younger. Not so much for the stories themselves. They were pretty corny and usually campy in an over-the-top sort of way. What was really scary was the main guy, the Crypt Keeper. He was creepy, but not  “boo I’m going to get you!” creepy, more “come sit on your uncles lap and we’ll watch wrestling” sort of way. What I’m trying to say is I wouldn’t be surprised if Pat Riley has looked at kiddie porn.

With the disappointment still lingering from Miami’s loss to the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals, Heat president Pat Riley took his first public steps Tuesday toward regrouping for another title run next season.

“I can say this,” Riley said in his postseason meeting with the media, “we will be a multiple championship-contending team. This was a great year. It was a disappointing ending.” (via ESPN)

And this dude lost a series to Houston in 1994 after being up 3-2. Luckily the Pat knows he’s better kept in the coffin.

Riley quickly ended any speculation that he would entertain a return to the bench to coach the Heat in the future.

Erik Spoelstra will return for his fourth season as coach, which is believed to be the final year on his contract. But Riley said there has been no discussions about a long-term extension for Spoelstra.

Unless Spoelstra legally changes his name to “Phil Jackson”, that is.

More absurd ramblings from a senile old man, and Pat Riley + an appearance from Dennis Rodman, after the jump.


“The greatest thing in the history of South Florida sports was those three guys coming together,” Riley said before stopping to make an exception for the Miami Dolphins’ undefeated Super Bowl season in 1972. “Did we make mistakes along the way? Yes. Would they (Bosh, James and Wade) like to take back some of the words? Yes.”

Calm down Pat. It’s like at dinner when Grandpa starts going on about how the Nazi’s may have been wrong, but they had the right idea and that the liberal media fabricated 9/11. I just wanted you to pass the mashed potatoes, I’m sorry Frank Sinatra is dead.

Anyways, hopefully everyone’s prepared for more Lebron talk this summer. Well, everyone but Dennis Rodman.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, the man in question — named Michael Douglas (NOT the actor) — stopped by a local bar after he heard Rodman was drinking there.

According to the report, Douglas walked up to Rodman and joked with him — asking if he was in town tocheck up on LeBron … and for some reason, Rodman flipped and shoved him back. (via TMZ, so take it for what it’s worth (it’s free))

Oh, not that Michael Douglas? I’m suddenly less interested. Pull me back, Carmen!


And for the ladies!


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