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Return of the Mullet

It's like if an 80's haircut got raped, and decided to keep the kid.

At 39 years old, Jaromir Jagr is contemplating a comeback. The right winger out of Czechoslovakia hasn’t played in the NHL since his New York Rangers bowed out to the Pittsburgh Penguins in the second round of the 2008 Stanley Cup playoffs. Dude’s been killing it over in the KHL (Russian super-league) and got a big head about himself after the most recent World Championships tournament in May. Trim my mullet, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

Jaromir Jagr has approached the Penguins about resuming his hockey career with his original NHL franchise, multiple sources confirmed to the Tribune-Review on Monday.

Jagr’s new agent, former player Petr Svoboda, contacted Penguins general manager Ray Shero over the weekend to express his client’s intent to play again in the NHL after a three-year stint in the Kontinental Hockey League.

(via Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

At a year shy of 40, Jagr certainly won’t be the oldest player in the league. Nicklas Lidstrom will return for his 20th season next year, when he will turn 42 during the season. Mark Recchi was absolutely a factor for the Boston Bruins Stanley Cup run at the ripe age of 43. Why Pittsburgh would be interested in him (or any team that doesn’t need to sell tickets) is beyond me. I mean, I know we’ve been saying Crosby needs a winger, but maybe not the same one who played with Mario Lemieux two decades ago. Luckily, for Pittsburgh, Jaromir has made himself a list.

Potential teams, after the jump.

Jagr has cited Detroit, the New York Rangers, Washington Capitals, Montreal Canadiens and Penguins as NHL teams that piqued his interest.

An NHL source said neither the Canadiens and Capitals is a “mystery” third team that has joined the Red Wings and Penguins as a potential Jagr suitor.

I definitely do not think the Red Wings would be stupid enough to sign an almost 40 year old washed up winger who hasn’t played competitive game (re: against players who train year round in the NHL, not the potato farmers in the KHL) in 4 years. I would also count the Montreal Canadiens out as well. You probably think I wouldn’t hate the New York Rangers enough to wish he went to that team, and that makes me sad because you said you knew me. The least you could do is show me you care.

Why he would leave Russia for Pittsburgh though still irks me. They are practically the same place.

I can’t tell them apart, and I searched for the pictures.

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