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The picture says it all…Cliff Lee may be a God.

Clifford Phifer Lee’s second go around with the Phillies got off to a shaky start. After two starts he had a 7.84 ERA and Yankees fans were chirping away about how they didn’t even really want Lee and how it was a bad signing for the Phillies. On May 31st Cliff gave up six earned runs in just 5 1/3 innings against the lowly Washington Nationals. Lee’s record was at 4-5 and it was official…..I too was starting to question the signing of Cliff Lee. Wild thoughts starting going through my head; Maybe he was over pitched last year by the Rangers. Maybe he was getting too old. Maybe we should have signed Freddy Garcia instead. Is Pedro Martinez available????? Chan Ho Park?!??!?!

Um. Yeah I’m a bit retarded.

Since that start against the Nationals he has started four games in the month of June. Numbers you ask??? Here ya go….

24 innings.
13 hits.
5 walks.
21 strikeouts.
1….yes 1…run.
0.38 ERA
4 wins, 0 loses.
2 complete game shutouts.

Lee finished his second straight complete game shutout against the St. Louis Cardinals last night. His ERA for the month only went down 0.11. His record has gone from 4-5 to 8-5. His ERA from 4.18 (on 4/25) to 2.87. My man crush on Cliff? Well we’ll save that for another time, but it’s reaching hardcore-stalker level.

Yeah I know where Cliff lives. It's not creepy....Ok maybe a little bit.

His insane month of June has finally caught him up statistically to Roy Halladay and Cole Hamels. The three have combined for a 26-11 record with a 2.63 ERA in 47 starts. All three deserve to be in Arizona for the All-Star game and one of the three will definitely be starting for the National League. The Phillies will look to sweep the Cardinals tonight and move to twenty games over .500. Roy Oswalt will be on the bump, if there has been one disappointment thus far for the Phillies, it has been Roy Jr. Hey Roy, it’s time to join the Aces party, stop sucking.

However, I will understand if Roy struggles tonight. It must be difficult to go out there and pitch after a real life God graced the mound the night before.

Cliff, I Love you.

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