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Like Bandits in the Night

Yesterday was the biggest day in Philadelphia Flyers recent history. They traded away two superstars, and signed the goalie that the fans have been asking for for years. While most Flyers fans, like CaptainDan, are in a state of shock, there is plenty of reason for Flyers fans to be excited for the upcoming season(s). Hold my hand baby, let daddy walk you through.

Carter and Richards depart

This is the first thing you hear from all the Flyers fans. Not about the very generous return they received. Or that they won’t have to worry about a top line for 10 years (we’ll get to that.) No, right now twitter and the like are exploding with fans remembering their fallen brothers. But it’s the old adage that you have to spend money to make money. Also, theses guys may have been fan favorites, but the Flyers brass wasn’t exactly pleased with their behavior. I don’t mind my players partying and enjoying themselves, but do me a favor and do it in the offseason, and only if you’ve won a trophy. If you aren’t getting better you’re getting worse.

Pictured: Leadership

So now you’ve got two guys, both 26, who clearly care a little bit more about romancing the coeds than improving upon their near championship season. Plus, at this age, this is who you are getting. Carter and Richards are developed, they will not be getting any better at hockey. Mark. My. Words. Their point totals will not rise more than 10 the next few seasons. Just won’t happen. These guys are developed and know what they are capable of.

Oh, Ilya

This is going to get a little personal Flyer fan’s, so let’s take it slow OK. Two years ago you made the Finals, within two games of the Cup. You had a rookie goalie who played like a stud when he had to. He gets hurt, you bitch, find Bobrovsky, another rookie, and he’s pretty good. Not a bad regular season (28-13-5). You get to the playoffs, he has a couple of stinkers, and you’re all ready to say “BRING MOAR GOALIEZ!” Holmgren goes out and catches a goalie in maybe the worst offseason for goalies. A goalie who has stated before that he wants to be paid high money. And boy did he get it. 10 million he makes next season alone. 10 fucking million. By the way, he’s 13-12 in the playoffs, and 6-12 if you don’t count the season he backed up the Stanley Cup champion Anaheim Ducks. He’s never won a Vezina. Or a Hart. Or Cup himself. But hey, sure, we’ll make you the highest paid goaltender in the league. His price led to the banishing of two popular, but high priced and inconsistent players. Which leads us to…

Just Babies

Flyers fans are complaining, but it just goes to show you they don’t really know their hockey. First things first, the Flyers got the number 8 pick in the draft tonight. That’s a good pick, cause this is a top heavy draft. A lot to like in the first round. Last time the Flyers had a first round pick? 2008, for Lucas Sbisa. Who currently plays for the Ducks. (I know, you traded him for Chris  Pronger, just saying. ) Dude, Obama wasn’t even fucking president the last time the Flyers had a 1st round pick. That alone is huge. Throw in Wayne Simmonds (22), Jacob Voracek (21) and Brayden Schenn (19) and you’ve got you’re future number 1 line. That’s two wingers and a center. All under 22. In 10 years they could still be playing for the Flyers, killing it, while Richards will have morphed into a poor man’s Mark Recchi,  and Carter is the captain of the next team to head to Canada Columbus Blue Jackets. They also gained another 2nd and 3rd round pick in tonights draft.

This Is What You Wanted

Flyer fans are vocal and passionate. They wanted a goalie. They want to contend. They wanted management to go out and do something. This is the salary cap era, and you can’t have everyone. Things could have been worse. They could have gotten shit in return. Only picks, or some garbage AHLers. Paul Holmgren went out and delivered what you guys were asking for: A chance to compete. Not a lot of team’s brass will do that. Kudos to Holmgren for going out and making some damn good moves. If fans want to bitch, go look in the mirror. You couldn’t have your goalie and eat it to. Or something like that.

For those doing the math at home:

(2 overpaid, under producing centers)=(1 top 10 pick, 2 later picks in draft, 3 players under 22 with all the promise in the world, and a top tier goalie)

Looks pretty good to me Flyguys. So stop the bitching and enjoy baseball season.

EDIT: Turns out that second rounder from the LA Kings is for next seasons draft. Either way chill out Flyers fans. You just gave me two players to hate in the West next season. Go Avs. Lets get Gabby.

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3 responses to “Like Bandits in the Night

  1. Mike June 24, 2011 at 5:32 PM

    2 overpaid, under producing centers? Didn’t you just a couple of breaths earlier say that Richards at 5 mil a year was a bargain? And under producing? Richards led the team in points and Carter led the team in goals! How is that under producing?

  2. Papa Bear June 24, 2011 at 6:10 PM

    because the stanley cup is in fucking boston right now, thats how they are underproducing

  3. steve June 25, 2011 at 3:46 PM

    you sir are a dope. Simmonds is a nice gritty player but is nothing more than a 3rd line winger. Voracek is a underachiver who was traded because of his poor work ethic..see pavel brendl. Schenn SHOULD be a nice player but you never know who/what youre getting.

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