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Series Preview: Oakland Athletics vs. Philadelphia Phillies


Friday, June 24th – 7:05pm
Vance Worley (2-1)
I don’t feel like looking up his first name because I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard of him….Moscoso (2-3)

Satuday, June 25th – 7:05pm
Cole Hamels (9-3)
Trevor Cahill (7-5)

Sunday, June 26th – 1:35pm
Roy Halladay (9-3)
Josh Outman (3-1)

Well first off my Roy Oswalt opinion….It was tough to watch last night. It kinda felt like I was having a catch with an old dog that just couldn’t keep up. You’d throw the stick and the dog would just stagger after it and slowly drag it back. Roy’s only 33, but his height/style of pitching may have finally caught up with him. It’ll be interesting to see how long he is out for, but the big 4 may be down to the big 3 for quite some time.

The next series is against the Oakland Athletics. I’d love to fill you in on what kind of team they are, but I have absolutely no clue about this team. They have a lot of young pitching/hitting and a bunch of old washed up hitters on their roster. Pretty much things aren’t pretty in Oakland….at all. I think the Phillies train will continue to hammer along.

Keys To The Series

  • Get to the A’s starters. One positive Oakland does have is their bullpen. Balfour, Ziegler, Fuentes and Bailey are all strong options so it will be important for the Phillies to jump on the young, unproven starters the A’s are throwing out there.
  • Domonic Brown. Get a goddamn hit.
  • Don’t look ahead to the Red Sox series. Starting Tuesday the Phillies start the “World Series 2011 Preview” against the Boston Red Sox. Yeah, yeah I know your excited about it, everyone is excited about it. But hopefully the Phillies don’t lounge back now that they are home and forget to play against the A’s. Winning this series will definitely help them get a little more pumped up for the series against the Sawx.

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