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Steven Stamkos might be a Flyer soon…

I bet he uses a Stiff Shafted Driver

It is being reported that the Flyers might be willing to offer Steven Stamkos an offer sheet worth 115 million over 12 years with a full no trade clause.  Let me digest this for a second.  We trade away two pillars of the franchise, a solid 4th line grinder in Darrell Powe, likely lose Danny Carillo (thank fucking god), and potentially sign the most dangerous scoring threat in hockey for 12 years?  Yeah I would be ok with that.  That would certainly soften the blow of losing Carter and Richards for many Flyer faithful.  My anger/hate/depression/denial for the dealings this past week is beginging to subside.  Pull the trigger Homer.

One response to “Steven Stamkos might be a Flyer soon…

  1. daftpuck June 29, 2011 at 5:27 PM

    I don’t wanna squash your Stamkos boner (or any boner you may have), but just remember the operative word: Offer. IMO Philly is just trying to jack the price for Tampa, to restrict them in the future ( Philly has a top notch mgmt, but Yzerman and the Bolts are getting there). But we shall see.

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