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Fausto Carmona Hates Interleague Play

(IMAGE VIA MOCKESSION) Click on picture to active. Story, after the Jump

The Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds played interleague ball this weekend, and luckily for everyone not named Fausto Carmona, the Reds were hosting which means pitchers hit. Carmona did his best impression of a cartoon character after trying to beat out a bunt on Saturday, pulling lame up to first base, and may have shortened his own season.

Cleveland Indians starter Fausto Carmona is undergoing more medical tests on the right leg muscle he injured clumsily running to first base.

Carmona strained a thigh muscle on Saturday in Cincinnati when he tripped and fell hard over the base while trying to beat out a bunt in the third inning. The awkward tumble and injury led to the Indians placing him on the 15-day disabled Sunday.(via)

Now I’m not going to sit here on my couch, in my boxers and tell you that I wouldn’t look as foolish as Carmona looked up there. All I can tell you is I wouldn’t have missed the base. I’d love to see a race between Fausto Carmona and Alex Rodriguez.


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