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Top Shelf, Where Rabbi Bernstein Keeps The Mandel Bread

That unreal goal comes courtesy of Eliezer Sherbatov, who plays left wing for the Israeli men’s ice hockey team. However, his mother always tells him he’s right. Via Puck Daddy

During the D-III championships in April in South Africa, Sherbatov had a six-point game against Greece and delivered what would have been a highlight-reel goal around the world had the tournament been on many more people’s radars … and also not been finally uploaded to YouTube last weekend.

Sherbatov was the star at the tournament leading Israel to the gold medal with 14 goals and 26 points in four games. When you beat teams like Greece 26-2, that’ll help pad your stats.

Suck it Greece. ::takes out $1 bill, lights it on fire, cooks lamb for Gyro::

Sherbatov plays in the Quebec Major Junior League, and at 19, could be on some team’s radar come next years draft. Hell, he just became my favorite Israeli player. Sorry, ::googles “Best Israeli hockey player”::, Max Birbraer.

This was my favorite line in the article.

…Mongolia withdrew from the tournament giving each team an automatic 5-0 victory.

Totally relevant video, after the jump.

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