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Philadelphia Phillies vs. New York Mets: Series Preview

Friday, 7:05pm
Vance Worley (4-1)
R.A. Dickey (4-7)

Saturday, 4:10pm
Cole Hamels (11-4)
Jonathan Niese (8-7)

Sunday, 1:10pm
Kyle Kendrick (4-4)
Mike Pelfrey (5-8)

Baseball is finally back after the miserableness (probably not a word, but I like her) that is the All-Star break. Phillies-Mets you know the deal, it’s not a rivalry, they suck we rule blah blah, but sadly the great K-Rod has been traded. He beat his girlfriend’s dad, was a hot dog on the field and above all just acted like a scumbag in his Mets’ tenure. From a fan of the Phillies standpoint it’s depressing he’s gone. Imagine if Beltran and Reyes leave or get traded? Who the hell would we make fun of on this team????

The Phillies should start off the second half well. Three against the Mets, three against the Cubs, and then three versus the Padres. After that things start to get difficult, but these first nine games should get them off to a solid start. The Phils have seventy-one games left this season. If they go 43-28 they’ll win 100 games this season. That’s decent.

That’s all I got. I can’t write much about the Mets because they are….well….the worst.

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