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What does 12.5 GB mean again?

AHHHH those Marlin fans.  So jealous of our team that they are looking for any way to feel relevant.  Well I was surprised that Doc came out of the game yesterday, but I mean when your the best team in baseball, you can afford to have an off night in 102 degree heat.  And he was facing the fucking Cubs.  WHY THE FUCK WOULD HE WASTE HIS EXCELLENCE ON THEM!  We know the real reason he didn’t stick around was  that he didn’t want to be anywhere near a baseball field where  Jim Belushi sings “Take me out to the Ballgame.”  Those Marlins are quite a squad by the way.  Not even Jack Mckeon’s old shriveled dick could muster any magic out of that hack squad in south beach.  And lets be honest: we all know this is displaced anger.  Daft is still deeply wounded that his beloved Hartford Whalers left town many moons ago.  Its ok buddy, we will get through this.  My Prediction?  Cliff will make up for it by spinning a CG 2 hitter with 11 k’s tonight.  Bet the barn on it.

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