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The Daily Drive – 7/25/2011

The Daily Drive is a daily (duh) post of all the prominent things going on in the sports world we didn’t cover, and anything else we might want to share with you.The Drive is starting to run on a tight, meticulous schedule, and your fearless leader snagged the coveted Monday spot. Hungover at work traffic! Like your Mom’s period, expect my post to be fashionably late.

-The NFL is back. I’m sure this is the first any of you have heard of this.

-Carlos Beltran is expected to be traded sometime this week, and he say’s he’d much prefer an NL team over an AL team. The kicker? He doesn’t want to DH. I know, I thought he was from Puerto Rico too.

-Great piece by WithLeather on dick heads who steal foul balls from kids. In my opinion we should persecute them the same way they did treason in the old days: Hang ’em.

Phillies news, how Scott Stevens became a New Jersey Devil, and more, after the jump.

-Did you know that the New Jersey Devils acquired Scott Stevens when they lost Brendan Shanahan? A retrospective, courtesy of PuckDaddy.

-Remember when that little, shitty Middle Eastern country was awarded the World Cup for 2022? No? OK, well, some people are starting to speculate whether or not they earned it honorably. I know, shocking.

-Cliff Lee did his best Roy Halladay impression in the Philadelphia Phillies 5-4 loss to the San Diego Padres today.

-Brett Favre’s agent made a statement hoping to quell the rumors that good ole no.4 is thinking of making a comeback. Well, I’m sure that’s that. Favre doesn’t seem like the type to flip flop. Or have a small dick.

-That’s Bar Refeali’s bum. Ugh, the things I search for for you guys. (via WWTDD)

-Apparently recently traded Philadelphia Flyers Jeff Carter and Mike Richards weren’t really gelling with head coach Peter Laviolette, and some say it had to do with their partying. You guys don’t think that’s why they got traded, do you?

-The latest reports have Alex Rodriguez returning to the New York Yankees line up by mid August.

-Finally, two videos for your viewing pleasure. Classic Larry first, and a classic video of a woman doing math. Now there’s a women’s sport I would watch. “God dammit Beverly, you need to remember to account for integers. Do you even want to win the “Dove Chocolate International Women’s Math Tournament?” ::Shaves upper lip, fixes headband, blasts Indigo Girls::

EDIT: Sorry, posted the same video twice. NO ONE’S PERFECT MOM! ::slams bedroom door, blast Skynyrd, dreams of Zombie Apocalypse::

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