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DeSean Jackson might hold out

That's Andy's "O" face

DeSean Jackson is one of the most dangerous athletes in all of professional sports.  He can change the landscape of a game with a single play (See Giants game, 12/19/10).  He is drastically underpaid at $600,000 this year and is looking for that bank breaking contract.  He previously couldn’t renegotiate because of the NFL’s 30% rule which limited the ability of NFL franchises to renegotiate contracts with players that were outperforming them…or something like that.  D-Jack is looking for that BALLER contract so that he can be seen as one of the premier wideouts in the game.  Problem is….he isn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, he is by far one of the most dangerous and versatile, but as far as the full scope of an NFL receiver, he lacks in a lot of areas.  Nobody can cover him on the deep post pattern, and he is almost untouchable on some reverse plays, but how often do you see him running routes over the middle to pick up the first down?  This isn’t a knock on the guy, just more of an observation.  He had 47 receptions last year which is solid but not exactly overwhelming.  He did miss a few games, but he was also reemed out by Andy Reid in the locker room after a lackluster game is Chicago and proceeded to throw a hissy fit.  For the amount of times the Eagles throw the ball, he should have at least 80 receptions a year.  The Eagles look like they may be in for a fight with their old nemesis Mr. Rosenhaus which will surely make the brass at Lehigh unhappy.  At the same time, DeSean has to realize the RIDICULOUS free agent wide receivers that are out there and may have to swallow a little pride and take a little less cash money.  In my opine, the Eagles would be smart to give him a 4 year 32 million dollar contract.  He deserves to be paid for his past performances, and 8 million a year ain’t exactly chump change.  I fully expect for this to last into training camp.  Ain’t no thang if we sign Plax though.


Actually……PAY THAT MAN!

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