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Yeah…I think Chase’s knee is OK

God he has beautiful eyes

End of the day got real busy for CaptainDan yesterday.  I didn’t get a chance to do the Daily Drive which disappointed the millions of fans this blog has.  Although I did manage to put in a call to everyone’s favorite 2nd basemen.  It went a little something like this:

CD: “Hey Chase whats going on?”

Chase: “Nothin, Just power squating Victorino’s F-350 in the parking lot for a pre-game lift”

CD: “You animal”

Chase: “Yeah i’m pretty incredible”

CD: “Hey would you mind doin me a favor?”

Chase: “OF COURSE I wouldn’t mind doing a favor for my favorite Philly sports blogger!”

CD: “Well I didn’t get a chance to do “The Daily Drive” today….”

Chase: “WHAT! no drive today! God I might tell Charlie im not feeling well…”

CD: “No don’t do that…in fact i need you to do something really really bad ass that will appease the masses tonight down at CBP”

Chase: “Ok ill try and think of something after I finish my pre-game raw steak”

Your welcome America


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