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Eagles sign some hack they cut two years ago

"Tribal Tattoos=Super Bowl Rings"-Andy Reid


Just once in my life I would like to see the Eagles sign a impact free agent that isn’t a douchebag (Terrell Owens) or hurt (Jevon Kearse).  Nobody knew Mike Vick was still a superhuman when they signed him so he doesn’t count.  Its like Andy Reid and Howie Roseman go out of their way to piss me off.  I can just picture Andy sitting there squirting cheese wiz in his mouth while Howie Roseman is frantically trying to use baseball saber metrics to analyze potential free agents.

"We are much smarter than all of you"

“Oh Andy Jason Babin’s sacks on third down in blowouts or S.O.T.D.B is off the charts.  Lets give him 30 millon dollars.”

“I don’t give a fuck, pass the Ritz crackers”

Look, Jason Babin may very well be a impact player for this team, and under Jim Washburn, or as I like to refer to him as “The smuggest defensive line coach in history”, he could very well replicate his 12.5 sacks that he had last year and drastically help out Trent Cole.  I just don’t know why they got everyone’s dick hard with their “Aggressive Free Agent Plan” when they knew that they weren’t going to do SHIT the first two days.  And they are gonna let my boy Stewart Bradley walk?  These guys fucking high?  Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie better be fucking Troy Vincent in disguise because our defense is going to be atrocious once again.

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