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The Daily Drive – 7/28/2011

The Daily Drive is a daily (duh) post of all the prominent things going on in the sports world we didn’t cover, and anything else we might want to share with you. Coach DaftPuck yelled at me last night for not posting anything. I went to my locker, cried a little (yeah the yelling was harsh), regrouped and boom Timmyp is back. Coach of the year: DaftPuck.

– Lots of big news type things happened since I last wrote a post on here. The NFL came back (like that’s a surprise). Carlos Beltran got traded (like that’s a surprise). Amy Winehouse died (totally not a surprise…side note: she was my number one pick in the death pool, yeah we do death pools, yeah we are scumbags: NBD).  However, the biggest news during my AWOL stint is that Jasmine Waltz washed her car in a bikini. Who is she????? I dunno and don’t feel like researching her. but WWTDD told me she has a sex tape out and that she dated David Arquette, sounds like she’s one to write home about.

– Ervin Santana threw a no-hitter yesterday. If you didn’t hear about this, then it’s my assumption you don’t watch sports often which makes you visiting this site very, very questionable.

– Albert Haynesworth is going to the Patriots, Reggie Bush to the Dolphins. Those are just two of the 4,556 (rough estimate) deals that have been made in the past 48 hours…yeah my head is exploding.

– We all love Green Man, but I feel as if this was scripted. However, the announcer really wants everyone to know it is Valeria’s birthday.

More treats after the jump.

– That’s the girl from the Orbtiz commercial, Vanessa Branch. She was running around NYC yesterday for a modeling shoot wearing that outfit. Yuuuuuuup.

– TMZ is reporting that Casey Anthony was drinking beers as soon as she got out of jail. There’s a video floating around the interwebs of her getting off a jet with a half empty Corona. Baby killers drink Coronas?!??!?! I’m boycotting.

– Every now and then you can’t help but stare. Be it a hot girl or a man who has a mullet and weighs 350 pounds, it is difficult to look away. Here’s a bunch of celebrity’s getting caught staring.

– The Mariners finally won. They had lost 17 straight games which in my eyes isn’t very good. I’m entertained by cool facial hair and after losing their 15th manager Eric Wedge shaved his mustache. He now looks like a little bitch, picture evidence below:

– More entertaining pictures to waste time looking at? Here ya go.

– Finally here’s why kids are awesome as hell:

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