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Bill Belichick: “Are You Not Entertained?”

A few days ago, Patriots fans where celebrating the fact that they would be watching football come September. Back would be Tom Brady and his glorious locks of hair. Back would be Wes Welker and his Napoleon complex. Back would be oft-outspoken, overrated wideout Chad Ochocinco (get it? He doesn’t conform to our norms guys!) and overpaid and slightly psychotic defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth. Wait, what?

The New England Patriots have acquired wide receiver Chad Ochocinco after he accepted a restructured three-year contract from the Patriots, a source told ESPN.com’s John Clayton on Thursday.

Ochocinco was scheduled to make $6.35 million for the Bengals this year. The Patriots wanted him to restructure his contract for salary-cap purposes. (via)

Before we get to Haynesworth, let’s go over this one real quick. There is a lot to like here. Here you’ve got a guy who speaks his mind and tries to be Mr. Big Shot, and now he’s restructuring his contract and agreeing to take less money to play with the Patriots. I like that. We’ve seen what Belichick can do with an ill-tempered wide receiver (RE: Moss, Randy) and there is no reason to think that he didn’t capture lightning in a bottle again. If anything this just shows that despite all the tweeting and celebration antics, maybe Ochocinco deep down inside just wants to win. There isn’t anything wrong with that and if anyone can bring out that fire, it’s Bill Belichick. Remember, before Moss got all bitchy and found his way back to Minnesota, he was at the top of his game. The Pats offense was explosive and they were on their way to a perfect season before some gay basher got in their way.

So when it comes to Ochocinco, let’s give him a year. He’s already been spotted at the practice field, getting cozy with Tom Brady. Somewhere, Carson Palmer is crying into his cheese sandwhich.

The other guy, after the jump.

Before defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth could get to training camp and take his conditioning test, the Washington Redskins traded him to the New England Patriots for a 2013 fifth-round draft pick, according to league sources.

Haynesworth arrived at the Patriots’ facility Thursday night. He still must pass his physical, and Patriots coach Bill Belichick said Thursday morning that the trade was not yet completed. (via)

For arguments sake, let’s assume the deal is done. This one is a little tricky to swallow if you’re a Pats fan. Though, if you’re a Pats fan, you’re probably known for your swallowing. ::plays slide whistle, writes apology letter to GLAAD::

On the one hand, just two years ago Haynesworth was one of the premier defensive tackles, garnering a big salary from the oft-despot Washington Redskins. Belichick loves himself some defense, so if this guy can come to play, expect the Patriots D to be in the upper echelon of the league, and maybe people won’t be questioning Bill’s sanity when the Patriots finish 12-4 and make noise in the playoffs.

On the other hand, he has issues with traffic incidents. And banks. And strippers. And the NFL.

Looks like you’ve got your hands full this season, Bill.

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