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Ruben is going Hunting

The Answer....the White version


OK time to stop fucking around with the San Francisco Giants.  While this is most certainly a complete over-reaction, the Phillies need to make a move to bring in Hunter Pence.  I have been reading all the positive and negative aspects of Pence recently and to be frank, we need him…badly.  While we will be getting Placido Polanco back soon, which will be a major boost, the Giants bullpen seems to make Ryan Howard and Chase Utley turn into Greg Dobbs.  They have a pen full of lefty’s that neutralize them at an alarming rate.   Obviously having a right-handed power bat in the lineup could do wonders for the offense, but the point here is that this guy is 28 entering the prime of his career.  With a win now mentality, the Phillies can’t afford to wait and see if Domonic Brown will ever learn how to run the bases or take the right route to a fly ball.  Just look at last years playoff series against the Reds for evidence.  Jay Bruce was a STUD all year long.  Then the playoffs come and he misses that one fly ball in the outfield of game 2(I think, I consumed roughly 35 beers before all of those games) and the Reds never had a chance after that.  I’m about as comfortable as a whore in Sunday mass with Dom out there patrolling meandering aimlessly playing right field.  The good news is that we have a GM that will literally mind fuck every other GM he’s competing against to get his guy.  Ruben is probably one of the most savvy baseball executives in the game, and he wants to win a World Series BADLY.  As some other distinguised writer whom i cannot remember right now mentioned, he is from Philadelphia.  He grew up here, played here, lives here, and now works here.  He knows how badly last year stung for everyone that was involved.  He doesn’t want to sit there in October wishing he went out and got that bat…..he’s going to go get that bat.

I’m pretty sure Ruben Uses this mentality

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