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Boom goes the Dynamite

Nnamdi Asoughakhkalhkjahs...uhhh were gonna need to come up with a nickname

Well obviously Andy and Howie read my scathing review of their off season plan and decided to make a couple big splashes.  Babin, Rodgers-Cromartie, Cullen, and Nnamdi are now members of one of the top, if not THE top team in the league.  Might be a little early to say that but I don’t give a shit.  The Birds just put the league on notice and they are apparently going “all-in”  this year (side note….shouldn’t you go all in every year?).  I don’t know what it is, but players just seem to want to play with Mike Vick.  Maybe they are all still amazed at his potential, or they love to use him in Madden   His 99 rating is unprecedented.  Either way, I don’t give a rats ass as long as they suit up in the midnight green.

Yeah...i think he will fit in just fine

Hmmmm what else happened this weekend.  Oh yeah, Ruben Amaro Jr pulled out his mask and smoke hallucinogenic and tricked Ed Wade into trading us Hunter Pence.  I swear to god I cackle like a school girl every time we do a trade with Houston.  They have now traded us, Brad Lidge, Roy Oswalt, and Hunter Pence.  What have they gotten in return?  Some shitty prospects that will never turn into anything and J. A Happ.  And they signed Brett Myers as a free agent!  To top it off, they have helped the Phillies with their salary constraints by sending some cash along to help foot the bill for both Pence and Oswalt.  I swear my 6 year old little brother could do a better job of putting together a team.


"Dang! im gonna throw about 12 more picks this year"

Just because I love this look on their faces

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