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Sean Avery Beat Up a Cop. (Not Really)

"Which makes me look like more of a douche, the jersey or the glasses?"

August is by far the worst month to be a hockey fan. (Unless you’re an Islanders fan, where every month sucks.) Free agency has pretty much died down and most of  the signings are either arbitration hearings or bargain pick ups. We still have a little over a month before most training camps open and the preseason starts in mid-September. So for a hockey story to break the news, or even appear on the Monolith, it’s going to have to be something eye-catching. And nothing screams “eye-catching” more than a story with Sean Avery and a police altercation.

Rangers forward Sean Avery was arrested in Los Angeles around 1 a.m. on Friday on a misdemeanor charge of battery on a police officer, the Los Angeles Police Department said.

The Los Angeles Times said Avery, 31, argued with the police officers before pushing one and slamming the door. Following the confrontation, additional officers were called to the home and Avery was taken into custody, the newspaper reported. TMZ said Avery was held overnight, with bail set at $20,000. (via)

When asked for comment, resident Rags fan Papa Bear was quoted as saying, “Shut up Joe, hockey sucks.”

While it may comes as a surprise to some, Sean Avery is not that much of a wild soul. Most of the shit he gets hate for is the nauseating way he acts on the ice (and in the locker room.) For the most part, off the ice Avery is sort of an upstanding citizen in the NHL world. He isn’t out drinking and punching cabbies (Patrick Kane). He isn’t telling a live television audience that even though he’s 19 he was drunk on vodka last night (Matt Duchene). He isn’t assaulting his ex-wife and tarnishing the name of my own personal Goddess, Michelle Beadle (Matt Barnaby). Fun fact, I love all three of those players.

No Sean Avery is not that bad of a guy sans ice, just doing normal hockey player stuff, like interning at Vogue. Hell he came out a few months ago and down right supported homosexuals in hockey. If hockey can say “hey you’re gay but it’s cool” they can open themselves up to a whole new market, and can become the model sports league for the next few decades. If you don’t think that’s a big deal, you’re name is probably Kobe Bryant.

A JJA rant, after the jump.

And you know what, that’s the fucking bullshit of it all. We have someone like Kobe outright calling players “faggot” and Lebron dropping the “R” word. We have Terrel Owens calling out his own QB and saying the old “if he looks like a fag, talks like a fag” rhetoric. And how do we treat these players? Celebrities. Champions.  Super Heroes. Meanwhile we have a player who comes out and supports that lifestyle, says he welcomes it in the locker room (the number one place for homophobia outside your local congregation) and would support a fellow teammate. Did that make the news? Did ESPN report on that? Did Skip Bayless finally say he loves hockey cause they support his lifestyle? (Everyone is thinking it, no one is saying it). No instead we glossed over it, because rooting for someone who accepts, someone who wants to make a change doesn’t draw. No, give us your evil and disgusting. Your gloated and spoiled. Get ready to see hockey on the Monolith. Maybe it will be for a minute on SportsCenter. Or maybe Tony and Mike will mention it in their send off. But watch for the message, because it will be negative. With hockey, if it’s news, it’s negative. Now if you excuse me, I have better things to do. ::gingerly gets off of high horse, acts like shit don’t stink, watches cat videos on Youtube::

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