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The Daily Drive “The Day The Earth Didnt Stand Still”

The Daily Drive is a daily (duh) post of all the prominent things going on in the sports world we didn’t cover, and anything else we might want to share with you.  Earthquakes are so 2010.


-So lets get this right out of the way.  An Earthquake hit Virgina today.  The world moved on.


-The NY Football Giants already depleted secondary lost yet another CB today.  After losing impact player Terrell Thomas last night to a torn ACL, they lost CB Brian Witherspoon to a torn ACL as well.  Somehow Papa Bear seems to think that this will not effect the Giants at all.  He won’t give me any facts to support this argument (or words on this site for that matter (Shots Fired Shots Fired!)), but he is deliriously confident in his team right now.

Cliff Lee, Big Willy Style, and an attractive female after the jump

-Cliff Lee and the Phils beat the NY Mets last night 10-0.  Hunter Pence dropped another bomb and is currently reaching Chase Utley fanatical levels.  Every time he goes to the plate I expect him to do something awesome.  Completely unfair, but its just my personal feeling.  Its like the feeling Yankees fans get when AJ Burnett takes the mound….except completely opposite.


-David Schoenfield is another online source that claims that Ryan Howard is over rated.  To me, this is the stupidest fucking argument on the face of the sporting landscape.  SABR peeps like to use their advanced metrics in trying to figure out how good baseball players are.  Discrediting things like RBI’s and batting average.  You know the things that have measured baseball players since I dunno like the 1800’s.  Look guys, just because you are very good at math and you understand baseball, does not mean you know fucking anything about the sport.  While the rest of us were actually playing, you were trying to figure out where the OPS column was in the score book (PS its in the top right).


-Relax folks, Big Willy Style and Jada Pinkett are NOT getting separated.  They are still in fact Gettin Jiggy Wit It.


-Little late on this one, but the 49ers/Raiders game got out of hand.  Some stats:

– SFPD made 12 arrests (Suhr said 1 to 2 are made at a typical game)
– SFPD issued 8 citations (usually none, other than scalping)
– SFPD ejected 70 fans (the figure from last year’s Niners-Raiders regular-season game was in the mid-50s, according to Suhr)
– SFPD cited 19 fans for public intoxication (typically 6 to 8)
– There were 90 medical calls for service (normally 7 to 10) and 10 ambulance runs to a hospital (1 to 2).

The above doesn’t include the two fans who were upgraded from serious to fair condition Monday. One of the victims, a 24-year-old man, was shot several times in the stomach. The other victim, a 26-year-old man, was beaten unconscious in a restroom. Another victim had superficial gunshot wounds to the face.

But Philly fans threw snowballs at Santa Clause!  They boo their own players! Hey America, wake up….assholes are everywhere.  (stats courtesy of deadspin)


-Pat Summit is apparently fighting dementia.  Sad news for one of the best basketball coaches of all time.  The good news?  She can probably start saying some awful things to her players without repercussions.  At least that’s what my Grandpa does.



No Relation to Michael Scott

-That is Emily Scott.  I believe she gets paid money to look attractive.


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