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NFL Picks: Week 1

With the return of the NFL comes the return of the great Tim Parker. I feel a little motivated after having my 12th fantasy football draft last night, so fuck it I’ll write up some picks. I’d give you some in depth analysis but it’s week one so who the hell knows what is going to happen. All I know is that football is finally back, thank you baby Jesus.

Thank God These Two Idiots Figured It Out

So here are my picks for the first week of the 2011-12 season. If your a betting man I’d take them to Vegas, I mean I am college educated so you’d be retarded not to take them to the bank. All spreads are from footballlocks.com

New Orleans Saints vs. Green Bay Packers (-4)

A matchup of the past two Super Bowl winners starts off the new NFL season. The Saints are coming off a heartbreaking playoff loss to a terrible Seahawks team who ended the Saints repeat dreams with one of, if not the best runs in NFL history by the great Marshawn Lynch.

Marshawn Lynch....The Dream Killer

Then you have the Green Bay Packers. It seemed as if every single player was hurt at some juncture of the 2011 season yet they still managed to run through the NFC in the playoffs and then defeat the Steelers 31-25 in Super Bowl XLV (45 for those who don’t like those gay numerals). Now they welcome back Ryan Grant and the freak Jermichael Finley? Yikes. Their defense does take a hit losing Cullen Jenkins and Nick Barnett, but it shouldn’t be an issue for the defending champs to find replacements for them.

I’ll say expect a high flying game between two of the best offenses in the league…but once again it’s week one so there’s always the likelihood of the ugly “we’ve only been practicing for five weeks” 17-13 game is possible. I want some points though, I mean it is opening night air it out a bit boys. Packers: 36 – Saints: 28

Rest of the picks will be up this weekend. I can’t write that much in one day without my brain exploding.


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