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Jets Takeoff – 9/11/11


It’s time. Opening Day. Every American looks forward to this time every year. We can now put our problems aside for one day every week and just follow football. Nothing to worry about except your favorite team, fantasy players, spreads, and if the grill is fired up. I cannot explain how jacked I get every year for Opening Day especially now with the Jets being a Super Bowl contender every year. Today is also a time for reflection though as it is the 10th anniversary of 9/11/01. We will never forget where we were that day or what we were doing. I was sitting in Social Studies my freshman year of High School and hearing stories that planes have crashed into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and in Pennsylvania. I did not believe it because we were the United States, nothing happens to us, we would not let this happen to us, but it did. The scariest part of the day though was when I was sitting in lunch and the Asst. Principal came into the lunch room and asked me to come to the Principal’s office. I was nervous because I did not know where my dad was working that day because he usually works in Manhattan and takes the PATH train into the World Trade Center. I was lucky though, I got down to the Principal’s Office and my mother was standing there and my father was picking up my brother from his school. They just wanted to be together as a family for the day, but I still remember seeing many of my classmates in the Principal’s office balling their eyes out because they lost a family member and it still brings a lot of sadness to me today

But while we remember those we lost we also remember all the heroes of that day and also all the heroes since that day. The FDNY, NYPD, and PAPD running into the burning buildings and sprinting up to the top of the towers while people are running away without the blink of an eye. The same with the firefighters and police officers in Washington D.C. doing the exact same thing at the Pentagon.  The people on Flight 93 that heard what had happened in NYC and Washington D.C. and decided to do something about it and try to take over the plane so no others would be hurt. Our soldiers that have been in Iraq and Afghanistan and risking their lives every day so we can be safe here. My Uncle Wayne and his partner clearing everybody out of Times Square after street vendors alerted him that there was a car bomb. The Navy SEALS that went in and took out that MOTHERFUCKER bin Laden with a shot right between his FUCKING eyes. Today is more then a regular Sunday of football, today is a day to celebrate America and what’s more American then football.

Jets vs. Cowboys preview after the jump.

Like I said before I get completely jacked up for the Opening Weekend of football, don’t have to watch any back-ups anymore in those boring pre-season games and its time to finally get down to business. Every team is 0-0 and tied for first place. Every single team has the same chance to make a run to the Super Bowl and it all starts today. What’s a better way to start off then on Sunday Night Football which the Jets and Cowgirls Cowboys will be doing tonight. The emotion in the stadium will be unbelievable with everything going on tonight. The Jets have many things planned for tonight for the occasion (From the NY Jets Website):


  • Receive an American flag upon entrance to MetLife Stadium. 
  • Taps will be streamed live into the stadium with the backdrop of the World Trade Center site.
  • FDNY, NYPD and PAPD bagpipers will perform “Amazing Grace” from the field.
  • Our nation’s colors will be presented by New York City Joint Service Color Guard.
  • A full-field American flag will be unfurled and held by members of the military, FDNY, NYPD and PAPD alongside the Jets and Cowboys.
  • Our National Anthem will be performed by Lady Antebellum.
  • Children of first responders will serve as the team’s honorary captains.


  • Halftime will open with Robert De Niro, New York native and Academy Award-winning actor, narrating a powerful moment created by family members of 9/11 victims, represented by Tuesday’s Children.
  • Five For Fighting will perform an acoustic, piano version of “Superman (It’s Not Easy).”

Now if the Jets come out flat for this game I am going to be pissed. It happened many times last year to the Jets in embarrassing losses. The first game last year against the Ravens was a 10-9 barn burner, then after the bye week they came back and played the Packers in another 9-0 loss and then who can forget the much hyped 9-2 Jets vs the 9-2 Pats where the Jets and Pats both had 12 days off and the Jets got spanked 45-3 (I think we got some revenge in the playoffs, wouldn’t you say). But for this game everything is in the Jets favor, the crowd will be going nuts the whole game (got your memo Bart, we’ll be loud) Terrance Newman is out, Michael Jenkins has a bum knee and neck, Miles Austin has a bum hamstring, and the Cowboys are starting 3 players on the offensive line that have only 1 career start between them (Checkmate). On the opposite side the Jets really have no serious injuries, Brunell (calf) and John Conner (ankle) should all be ready to play.

The key matchup today is going to be Revis vs Dez Bryant. Dez Bryant has blazing speed and can burn corners, but Revis is the BEST defensive back in the league, it just won’t happen today. Tony Romo is stubborn though and will try to get the ball to Bryant no matter what and that can be huge with Revis blanketing him the whole time. There’s a reason why last year Revis didn’t have any INT’s last year, nobody threw the ball his way. Another big match-up is going to be DeMarcus Ware vs. Wayne Hunter. Usually DeMarcus Ware comes from the blind side of the QB, but with D’Brick on that side DeMarcus Ware would be lucky to get within 5 yards of Sanchez. Last year D’Brick only gave up 2 sacks the whole year so this is why Ware will go to the opposite side and challenge Hunter. Hunter was pretty solid for the Jets in their most important games last year and was a reason why they were comfortable with Damien Woody retiring. I would also like the season the Jets getting pressure on the QB without having to blitz every single down. If they are able to do that it will be a looooong night for Romo. Also I think Sanchez will have a pretty solid night tonight. He always shows up in the big games and what can be a bigger night then 9/11 right outside NYC.

Tonight should be a very fun and exciting game, I’m predicting a Jets win 30-17. They will come out firing on all cylinders just from the emotion that will be going around the stadium and it will be too much for the Cowboys.



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