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The Rivalry


Well I know it has been a long time since this website has seen my elegant, beautiful prose words strung together to form sentences, but nothing will make a man grab his keyboard like the fantastic football rivalry that is the NY football Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles.  Now most of you know that my allegiances are with the boys in green, but it takes two to tango as they say, and the NY giants are the Ying to the Eagles Yang.  The battle between these two teams has everything necessary to form an unmatched rivalry.  Close proximity, rabid drunk fan bases, big play potential, a love of Pork Roll/Taylor Ham.  The Eagles have gotten the best of the G-Men recently running off a string of six wins in a row, none more memorable than this one.  Growing up in Central Jersey I was surrounded by both Eagles and Giants fans, and some of my best friends are genetically flawed support big blue.  This has lead to heated arguments, cheap shots in rough touch football, shit talking of epic levels as well as the shunning of each other after a tough loss.

"This fucking game is Over Gifford!"-Concrete Chuck Bednarik

This weekends match up is one of two teams that are still looking for their collective identitys.  The Giants, coming off a one-sided win vs the lowly Rams will be doing everything in their power to make people forget about last years epic December collapse (editors note…this is impossible.   Desean Jackson running into the end zone will probably go on my hedge stone).  Tom Coughlin’s squad, while depleted by injuries, still is a smash mouth, in your face team that will win by running the football, playing attacking defense and praying that Eli doesn’t complete passes to Asante Samuel.  The Eagles on the other hand are the definition of a big play offense.  Mike Vick, Desean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, LeSean McCoy and Co. will be looking to spread the field and break some of the lights on the scoreboard.  The newly revamped Eagles D has looked unreal at times (see Eagles Vs Falcons 3rd Quarter) and awful at other points (See Eagles Vs Falcons 4th quarter).  The overwhelming weakness for the Birds is at Linebacker which is dangerous against the Giants considering they are have a very solid ground game.

I have always stayed away from predictions for this game because in the wise words of Giants fanatic Frank “The Wild Card” Bruno, it usually ends up being a “Stupid fucking turnover filled game.”  Couldn’t agree more Frank.  The amount of times these games have come down to a field goal almost makes me sick to my stomach.  I do see the Birds coming out on top though if Mike Vick can recover from the concussion that he suffered in Hotlanta.

Whatever the outcome, shit will be talked, friendships will be tested, and remote controllers will be thrown.

Lets Go Birds.

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