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Here We Go (again)

Hopefully Girardi will be wearing the number 29 next year

Here we go again.  Another October for all the marbles.  Baseball playoffs.  Hockey season firing up.  Football getting into swing.  What more can a guy ask for?

The Yankees face the supposedly untouchable Justin Verlander tonight.  Yesterday ESPN NY writer Wallace Matthews said that it’s safe to assume the Yankees will lose because Verlander won 96% of his starts this year.  When I double checked the numbers, Verlander won 24 out of 39 starts- a hardly untouchable 62%.  I Tweeted him and he responded saying that if he was a math major he’d be doing something else and that he meant 96% of his decisions.  Only problem is Verlander has only won 82% of his decisions.

Verlander is a great pitcher, but he’s set to face another great pitcher in CC Sabathia.  Yanks need to get the bats going, and they need their aging stars to produce.  This is going to be Posada’s last post season in pinstripes, and I’m expecting him to go out with a bang.  The Yanks path to championship number 28 starts now.  Yankees win game 1 5-4.

***UPDATE***  Wallace Matthews just tweeted me back and said we’re cool and that he made a mistake and should be called for it.  Very respectable.  GO YANKS

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