90 on 95

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Game 3 Preview

Phillies Vs. the Redbirds

Game Three

St. Louis

Am I nervous?  Yes.  Do I think Jaime Garcia is a legitimate threat to silence the Phillies bats?  Yes.  Do I hate Tony La Russa with the passion of 1000 suns?  Double Yes.

Damn it feels good to be a Gaaannnngstaa

So what do the Philly Faithful have to look forward too tonight?  King Cole is on the bump and its playoff time.  Cole has been outstanding in his playoff career (minus 2009 when Bizarro Cole took over his mind).  He has not received the amount of attention that he deserves this year simply for the fact that the Phillies do not score runs for him for some unknown reason.  So why would tonight be any different?  Allow me to explain.  Tonight is the first time all season (I believe) that he has pitched with the full starting lineup supporting him.  The new batting lineup has given some life to the bats and no one needs it more that the 2008 WS MVP.  Cole takes a lot of unwarranted shit from fans about not being tough (false),  not focused (no evidence), and being a pretty boy (fact… he is a handsome S.O.B).  But how soon we forget that this was THE GUY that won us the World Series in 2008.  I honestly believe that starting on the road will be good for him, as I think he prefers to shut up opposing crowds rather than get too amped up pitching to the raucous CBP attendees.  Hopefully tonight will continue his run of post season dominance and we can get out of there with a W.

I dont know what this picture means......but i love it


Get pumped up folks….tonight should be a good one.

(Following Video should be played LOUD)

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