90 on 95

Sports, rumors, and humor from the Ben Franklin to the George Washington

Five More Games

Hey New York Yankees fans: Keep your heads up, things could be worse.

You could have lost to a team that didn’t have the pitcher who will win the Cy Young and (should but) won’t win the MVP award.

You could have stopped playing baseball in September like 24 other teams did.

You got to watch your team play 167 games this season, not 162 like the Boston Red Sox. I’m no math major but I’m pretty sure you’ve got the bigger number.

You’ve got an exciting young pitcher (Nova) who got to experience losing the right way: in the playoffs.

At least no more Jorge, right?

You may not like your manager, but hey at least he’s not as bat shit crazy as Robin Ventura.

Another season, another opportunity for A-Rod to suffer a career-ending injury so he won’t have to bat in season-ending situations.

The Knicks won’t be playing in late October either.

So keep your chins up, Yankees fans. Seriously. The only thing more annoying than a bragging Yankees fan is a mopey one.

Let’s go Cards.

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