90 on 95

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Game 5

As I watched Alex Rodriguez strike out to close the book on the Yankess 2011 campaign last night, i felt a eerie sense of caution.  Normally i would have howled with delight that my least favorite player had just blown the season (twice…K with the bases loaded a few innings before).  Normally I would be giving faux masturbatory motions towards all Yankee fans within 5 miles.  Normally I would have sent arrogant text messages to all of my Yankee fan friends illuminating that the reason A-Rod failed was because he missed Kate Hudson and her strap on.  This didn’t happen though for a variety of reasons.  The most important being that I am a nervous wreck.

"Yeah we dont know what you were thinking either Penny Lane"

As a fan of all Philadelphia sports I have suffered through just about every form of disappointment.  Over confidence (Eagles 2002 NFC Championship game), frustration (Eagles 2003 NFC championship game, or as I like to call it, the day Ricky Manning broke my remote control), Wait what the fuck just happened (2010 Stanley Cup Finals), and vitriol (2009 NFC Championship….never have i yelled so many things at Donovan McNabb).

The night i cried myself to sleep

The Phillies though have been my one squad that I always seem to have confidence in.  I was there when Shane hit the grand salami of CC in 2008.  I saw Fat Joe hit a HR in the World Series.  I witnessed Doc throwing a No No in his first ever playoff start.  This season has been magical for so many reasons.  The return of Cliff, Hunter Pence coming over from Houston, the emergence of Vance Worley as a starter just being a few.  I had a opportunity to go to Spring Training this year and the excitement in the air was palpable.  THIS was THE YEAR that we were going to run a train on the rest of the baseball world.  And for the most part, we did.  102 wins, making Charlie the winning-est manager in history, the return of Chase.  Everything was on track for this season to be one for the record books.

The Loudest Noise I have ever heard

Along the way we have run into a Cardinals team that is drastically underrated.  They have played solid fundamental baseball in each game these two squads have faced off in.  Albert Pujols is a machine I don’t give a crap what he says.  They have two second basemen that just continue to rip the Phillies pitching.  Lance Berkman can just flat out rake, and oh yeah, Matt Holiday is back in the lineup.

....and HGH

One thing the Cardinals don’t have?  Roy Halladay.  Roy has been waiting his whole life to pitch in a game like this.  This is a guy that can make humans spontaneously combust just by looking in their general direction.  Let me fill you in on a little story from my trip to spring training.  My Dad was having trouble sleeping due to some stress while we were down there (most of which was probably attributed to having me as a son).  He couldn’t pass out one night so he decided to take a ride over to the Carpenter Complex to see if all the stories about Roy getting there at 5am were true.  He arrived at 4:45am.  He walked around the complex and found the only soul that was awake and it was the overnight security guard.  He asked when he could expect to see Roy to try and snag a autograph.  What did the security guard tell him?  “Your about a 1/2 hour late, he’s already running stairs.”  Fucking incredible.  My Dad relayed this story to us over breakfast and we were speechless (well I was hungover).

You wont like me when I'm angry

So if there is ONE GUY ON THE PLANET I want pitching a deciding game for my beloved Phils, Its Roy.  Go get em Doc.

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