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The “Genius” Does it Again

This is what happens when you mistake Pujols' HGH shot for your Botox Tony

So the Cardinals will be representing the NL in this years World Series.  Not that I give a shit.  My baseball fandom for the year died shortly after Ryan Howard’s Achilles exploded.  I was nervous to play the Cardinals all along.  Anyone that said “Oh it doesnt matter who we play, the best team always wins” is a idiot ::hanging my head in shame::.  If you have a chance to literally pick your opponent in the playoffs and that opponent would have been the fucking Diamondbacks, why don’t you do this?!?!?!  AHHHH it still infuriates me.  No, we had to play Albert Pujols, Lance Berkman, Matt Holiday, Chris Carpenter, as well as Rafael Furcal who is rocketing up my list of most hated athletes.

But WORST OF ALL is that even if I wanted to watch the games, I wouldn’t be able too.  Tony LaRussa is coaching.  You know, the guy that invented baseball?  The man that thinks hitting the pitcher 9th isn’t smart enough so he hits him 8th sometimes?  Im sure he is going to try and break his own record for pitching changes in a 7 game series.  Hell that may be his only motivation.  Well, that and hiding Holliday and Pujols’ PED use.  So to make myself feel a little better im going to post this video.



I would pay money to watch George W Bush and Nolan Ryan water-board his ass.  Lets go Flyers

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