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Big Willie Style


The sale of the Philadelphia 76ers went through yesterday and today they had a press conference to announce the list of owners and changes that they are planning to make.  First off they fired that hack of a General Manger Ed Stefanski (The guy that signed Elton Brand to probably the most un-tradeable contract of all time) slashed 9000 ticket prices almost in half and started a website that will help Sixers fans give feedback on how and what direction they would like the franchise to go.


But lets be serious, all of that news pales in comparison to the bomb that was dropped during the press conference.  Will and Jada Smith with be minority share owners of the team.  ARE U EFF’N KIDDING ME BIG WILLIE STYLE!?!?! The Fresh Prince and HawthoRNe!  Agent J and Niobe!  I might actually care about basketball again.  I hope this leads to Rap battles between Jay -Z and WILLenium before Nets/Sixers games to hype the crowd.  Get pumped Philly,  this might actually make the Sixers fun to watch again.

Awesomeness after the jump


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